How to Live Cheaply in the City

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Easy ways to save money

  • Always have your student ID with you; you'll be surprised how many stores give discounts to students when they show their ID.
  • Be smart; instead of getting gifts for holidays and your birthday, ask for money to pay school bills, rent, etc.
  • If you commute, get a monthly or weekly T-pass. It will be less expensive and easier to use on a regular basis.  Better yet, invest in a bicycle. It will last a long time and is a great way to get around the city!
  • Stop buying coffee in the mornings at your local coffee shop and invest in a coffee maker. Make your own coffee for free.
  • Skip out on the vending machines or going out for lunch and pack your own lunch. It will save you money and will be much healthier.
  • Shop at thrift and discount stores; get all your modern clothes for a great cheap price.
  • Avoid costly phone features and services you don't need.
  • Save all of your change. After every purchase, come back and put your lose change into a container of some sort. Eventually, this change will begin to add up.
  • If you need to purchase a new laptop or other electronics, save your money for when they have student discounts or on tax free weekend or if they have special bundle offers.
  • Do not buy textbooks at full price. Search the web for used books or borrow it from somebody who has already taken the course.
  • If you are living in the dorms, go for a cheap meal plan and buy more groceries. You will have a lot more options and it will be worth the money you are spending.
  • If you are spending the day in the city with friends, or commuting somewhere, pack snacks to take with you.
  • If you are living off campus electricity bills can get very expensive. So invest in some nice warm quality blankets, sweaters, and wear layers. To try to keep that bill down.
  • Shop with a list and buy only what's on the list.
  • Look for nice used furniture, such as shelves, a desk, or a coffee table at a yard sale or online for a cheaper price.
  • Split all the expenses with a roommate.
  • Reduce your cable package to the basic package.
  • Look for gyms that have a cheap monthly membership fee, there are gyms that only charge $10 a month. Or go the free way and go jogging outside and use the outdoors as your gym.
  • Find apartments that are outside of the city. It might not be as much fun but your rent will be much less.

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