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Wheelock College provides tools to boost students' financial literacyIf you are like most students, you've arrived at college with limited experience living on a budget or managing your own credit. The day-to-day demands and costs of college life can cause some students to get into financial trouble by racking up significant credit card debts on top of their student loans.

Wheelock is committed to providing you with the tools you need to boost your financial literacy so you can achieve your goals, whether they include a semester abroad, a spring break trip, graduate school, or weekly pizza parties with friends. By gaining a firm understanding of financial management, you'll be able to manage your money not just during college but throughout your life.

Cash Course

Wheelock has partnered with CashCourse, a website that provides a wide variety of resources that can help students navigate their finances. Use these tools to learn to create a budget, stretch your dollars, protect your credit, set financial goals, and pay for college. You can also focus on the steps for repaying loans and understanding what you are committing to when you apply and accept the conditions of a loan. The website also offers many tips on how to save money and stretch your dollars while you are still in school.

CashCourse also provides tools for your life after college, giving you plans and tips on how to transition from college to working life.

Register for a free CashCourse account and get started with courses such as:

  • Be Credit Savvy
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Paying Back Student Loans
  • Making the Most of Employee Benefits
  • Getting Started with Saving and Investing

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