Master of Social Work/Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership Dual Degree

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Dual Degree Program

Wheelock College's Master of Social Work/Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership dual degree program is designed to offer a unique career opportunity for individuals interested in human services administration. Through this dynamic, hands on, experiential program, students will develop a justice-based social work competence, as well as leadership skills with a broad orientation to human services, providing the skills and knowledge base  to be a successful leader in the nonprofit, mission-based sector.

Graduates will be well-positioned to take on social sector leadership roles, such as nonprofit chief executive officer, clinical director, and other administrative and executive-level positions.

Social Work/Nonprofit Leadership Program Overview

Wheelock's 78-credit MSW/MS in Nonprofit Leadership program is designed to educate a diverse group of students who are committed to effecting change in the social conditions of diverse, oppressed, and disadvantaged groups of children and families. Toward this goal, students will be prepared for advanced social work practice with a series of required and elective courses that will provide them with knowledge, skills, and values that reflect strengths-based and empowerment approaches that are family-centered and community-based.

The MSW portion of the program may be completed in as little as two years of full-time coursework, though students may also study part-time for three or four years. Once they have completed the requirements for their MSW degree, students will be qualified to sit for the intermediate licensing exam in Massachusetts, the Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Thus, students in the dual degree program could begin working as a licensed social worker while they study part-time to complete the final year requirements for their MS in Nonprofit Leadership degree.

Through a series of required courses and electives, students will gain the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to assume leadership roles in the social sector. They will learn to build effective multi-cultural organizations where the talents and contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds are recognized, respected, and valued. They will also develop the capacity to lead organizations in an increasingly global environment.

Through this program, students will learn to:

  • Analyze and design intervention and evaluation systems that lead to positive outcomes.
  • Understand the American social welfare system, including how it developed, its unique features, and the implications for client systems.
  • Recognize quality research to enhance collaborative and transformative social work practice.
  • Lead teams and manage change.
  • Develop strong mission-based program initiatives.
  • Create effective budgets and financial management strategies.

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