Political Science and Global Studies Bachelor's Degree

Why Political Science?

  • Develop powerful insights into the complex ways that local choices have global implications
  • Cultivate the knowledge and multicultural literacy needed to work with diverse populations in a variety of settings
  • Become an advanced critical thinker, writer, and observer

Why Wheelock?

  • Professors work one-on-one with you to address your intellectual interests and professional goals
  • Unique political science program combines cutting edge scholarship with a focus on social justice, economics globalization, and political violence
  • Critical analysis of race, class, gender, sexuality, age, nation, and their relation to social and political justice
  • College-wide mission that is committed to improving the lives of children and families around the world

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This exciting and inspiring major provides you with the knowledge and skills to become a professional leader and a keen consumer of political information.

In contrast to many traditional political science majors, Wheelock's Political Science and Global Studies degree program focuses on how politics, on a local, national, and global level shape, and often limit the lives of marginalized groups. Choose from a compelling range of courses taught by professors in political science, anthropology, sociology, history, economics, women's studies, and media studies, and learn about the ways that all our lives are intertwined. Students will understand the ways that local choices have global ramifications, and how to better appreciate that the struggle for equality knows no national borders.

Political Science and Global Studies Program Options

The Political Science and Global Studies program also offers focus areas, where students work with a faculty member to choose several courses around a similar theme.

You may choose from several focus areas, including:

  • Political violence in conflict and post-conflict settings
  • Dynamics of global, social, and political change
  • Women, gender, and sexual exploitation

You may combine this major with a major in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy, or Social Work. Political Science and Global Studies is also available as a minor.

Hands-on Experience

You'll have the opportunity to learn about how politics affects the everyday lives of people by working hand-in-hand with agencies throughout the Boston metropolitan area. Our internship program tailors your interests to organizations where you will apply your education to real world issues while simultaneously networking with potential employers. Field sites include:

  • Environmental justice organizations
  • Health and human service agencies
  • Human rights organizations
  • Local trade unions
  • LGBTQ rights organizations
  • Voting rights and representation

Sample Courses

  • Media, Violence and Revolution
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Global Social Movements
  • Gender, Armed Conflict and Political Violence
  • Women and Globalization
  • Global Greed and Corruption
  • Theory and Practice of International Conflict Resolution
  • Issues in Policy, Law, and Gender
  • LGBT Politics in Film
  • Seeking Justice After the War
  • Neoliberalism and Development in the Global South

Skills You'll Learn

  • Develop written and oral communication skills
  • Develop the ability to critically analyze complex texts
  • Develop a sophisticated understanding of global politics
  • Develop comprehensive research skills that are useful in any post-baccalaureate endeavor

Career Opportunities

A Political Science and Global Studies major will prepare you for a wide range of careers. By studying the richness and complexity of local, national, and global politics, your knowledge and insight will be valuable in fields such as:

  • Activist, advocate/organizer
  • Attorney
  • Elementary or secondary teacher
  • Government aide/public service
  • Higher education administrator
  • Journalist
  • Mediator
  • Nonprofit administration
  • Policy analyst

Graduate Study

A Political Science and Global Studies major will give you the academic foundation and research skills necessary for many fields of graduate study, such as:

  • Education
  • Educational policy and management
  • Ethnic studies
  • Health policy
  • Higher education administration
  • Journalism
  • Social policy
  • Social work
  • Sociology
  • Women's studies

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