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Math/Science Student and Alumni Testimonials

Our students and alumni tell us that Wheelock's Mathematics and Science programs have transformed the way they think about these subjects. Hear directly from some of our current students about their experiences in and out of the classroom and also from alumni, who explain how Wheelock's math and science courses have made them more effective in their careers.

Current Students

Halle Burns"Being able to perform research with the co-head of the Math and Science Department [Ellen Faszewski] was an unbelievable learning opportunity that I would not have been given had I gone to a larger college or university. I was given the chance to learn scientific skills outside of a classroom setting and contribute to the larger science community. And I learned how awesome sponges are! Who knew!?"

- Halle Burns, Mathematics and Science for Teaching

"The math professors here at Wheelock have taught that there are many interactive ways to teach math so that my future students can have fun learning something I loved to learn when I was younger."

- Rebecca Lin, Mathematics and Science for Teaching

Alexah Melis"Wheelock math teaches you the strategies so that when problem solving, the student discovers the concept on their own."

- Alexah Mellis, Mathematics for Teaching



"Science is taught differently here than at other places. The science is made interesting and connected to everyday life and is presented in such a way that it's easier to learn. I appreciate that the classes are small, allowing for individualized support. I just like everything about it. Pretty awesome."

- Anonymous, Mathematics and Science for Teaching

 "I've always liked math and science growing up, and I want every child to experience STEM in a positive light."

- Madi Garland, Mathematics and Science for Teaching

Samantha Mars"I chose this major because I want to be a critical thinker and be able to solve problems from various approaches. I also want to be a well-rounded individual and teacher in the future....The hands-on activities are very helpful. Even when you don't understand a particular approach, there are others that will help you understand a concept. The teachers are all very helpful and supportive."

- Samantha Mars, Mathematics for Teaching

"At Wheelock I learned a whole new experience with math. In high school I always focused on getting the right answer. But here at Wheelock it's all about the journey or path you took to get there. The answer is important but not as important as your understanding of how or why you got there. I feel as though I understand things more in depth now. I want to use this method in my elementary classroom one day....I want to show children that math can be fun. So many children at a young age begin to think that math is hard so they are not able to do it. I want to show them that everyone can be successful in math with the right tools and a teacher who is passionate about their learning."

- Lacey Allen, Mathematics for Teaching

"I chose this major so I would stick out at a job opportunity, as a well-rounded, STEM-based applicant."

- Kaitlin Haines, Mathematics for Teaching

Pablo Tovar"This semester long research project taught me many things that would be useful in my field of study. I learned laboratory techniques and how to handle corrosive materials. It was great to see how a primitive animal like the marine sponge has just as a complex cellular system as our own, and how they can recognize different individuals! Proficiency was key, because a misstep in the procedure could give you off results or no results at all, but an awesome research project and very fun to present at the annual undergraduate biology research conference!"

- Pablo Tovar '17

"The willingness of the professors to help students is amazing. I love that many professors have found ways to include material not found in the textbooks."

- Andrew Cunningham

"This program... taught me to think outside the box. There is so much to learn and do in science—things to be invented and proven."

- Anonymous, Environmental Studies

Alumni of Wheelock's Math and Science Programs

Ryan Antolick

Ryan Antolick '16

Ryan Antolick, who majored in Environmental Studies, works as an assistant lab technician and research assistant at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.

"What stuck out to me and has been impactful in my career thus far has been my experience in sustainability that was possible through the COF consortium. Working with faculty and students at Wheelock and the COF community, I gained a great amount of knowledge about the environment and in sustainability. In addition, the ability to have internships throughout my college career (myActions and then with Arnold Arboretum) have both helped me advance in my professional career."

Hannah Coughlan

Hannah Coughlan '16

Hannah Coughlan, who majored in Elementary Education/Mathematics and Science for Teaching, works as a first-grade teacher at the John F. Kennedy STEM Innovation School.

"My degree in Math/Science not only greatly influenced my experience in undergrad, but it also continues to positively influence my career. As someone who struggled in elementary school in math and science, I never expected to become a teacher that specialized in these areas. Wheelock's Math and Science department not only has faculty that continuously support me, even after graduating, but the courses have also completely changed my understanding of the subject matters. I am proud to be a teacher that feels confident and excited by the opportunity to teach Math and Science; unfortunately, this passion for math and science is often lacking in the elementary education field. My deep understanding in this material is reflected in my students' learning, which has been the most rewarding aspect of all."

Allie GoyetteAllie Goyette '15

Founder of Wheelock's student ecoclub Whee-SEA, Allie Goyette also helped research and launch Wheelock's Environmental Studies major and represented the college at a Presidential Summit on Climate Leadership.

"I hated science when I first enrolled at Wheelock but engaging with professors made me interested and helped me see the importance of it in day-to-day living."

Bielka LirianoBielka Liriano '13

Bielka Liriano, who majored in Mathematics and Science for Teaching/Elementary Education, works as a preschool teacher at Horizons for Homeless Children.

"What stands out for me about math at Wheelock is the hands on approach used to teach or deconstruct math problems in order to understand them. Initially, what I found most challenging and frustrating was writing about the math involved and proving theories and concepts thoroughly. Years later, that is what I found and still find most useful and unique about the program at Wheelock, because of it I still have a good understanding of algorithms, our number system, and for children and how difficult learning math concepts can be for them."

Renee RuggieroRenee Ruggiero

Renee Ruggiero, who majored in American Studies/Mathematics, works as Assistant to the Dean at Wheelock College.

"You patiently tolerated my declarations of ‘I can't do math!' and showed me otherwise. I really enjoyed each of the classes I took with you and can't say enough positive things about my experiences. You all have been such a blessing to me and I know that what you each offer is not easily found outside of Wheelock."

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