Mathematics and Science for Teaching

Why Math/science?

  • Challenge yourself with interesting and difficult problems
  • Develop your intellectual and creative capacities
  • Prepare to make a difference by teaching high-need subject areas

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Why Wheelock?

  • Faculty committed to modeling excellent teaching
  • Engaging, interactive curriculum that encourages curiosity and collaboration
  • Majors designed for future elementary school math and science teachers and human service professionals
  • Research Opportunities - see some examples of work from our current students

Wheelock College and Boston University have reached an agreement to merge as of June 1, 2018 and we are no longer accepting new applications. As a prospective applicant to Wheelock College, we hope you will be interested in applying to Boston University.

Learn Math and Science the way you want to teach Math and Science.

At Wheelock, we know that the default for teachers is to teach the way they were taught. So our Math and Science classes are engaging, challenging, and just all-out fun—because we know that when you graduate, that's the way you want to teach.

Since its founding in 1888 as part of the kindergarten movement, Wheelock College has championed active learning strategies. What that means today is that you might study pollution in the Muddy River, work with a study group to understand four different multiplication algorithms and why they work, or contribute to astronomy research as a citizen scientist.

One of the things our majors always comment on is how the Math/Science department is like a family. Students make lots of friends in our classes, because the classes are cooperative and challenging. Faculty members take time to get to know students. Our program includes field trips, dinners, and opportunities for things like research, internships, community service, and paid work leading study groups.


Hannah Coughlan"My degree in Math/Science not only greatly influenced my experience in undergrad, but it also continues to positively influence my career."

- Hannah Coughlan '16, first-grade teacher

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Courses of Study

Wheelock offers three* innovative Mathematics and Science majors specifically designed to give you the specialized skills needed to effectively teach mathematics and/or science subjects to elementary school students.

  • B.A in Mathematics for Teaching helps prospective teachers develop a profound understanding of fundamental mathematics ideas vital to teaching elementary school mathematics.
  • B.A. in Science for Teaching helps prospective teachers develop deep knowledge of key concepts of life and physical sciences and scientific inquiry needed to teach elementary school science.
  • B.A in Mathematics/Science for Teaching gives prospective teachers an interdisciplinary program balanced between mathematics and science concepts vital to teaching elementary school math and/or science.

* The B.A. in Environmental Studies is a fourth option for those wishing to pursue a professional degree in teaching; it can also be a standalone major.

Overview of Mathematics and Science for Teaching Programs

For prospective teachers: The Mathematics for Teaching, Science for Teaching, and Mathematics/Science for Teaching majors are designed to be taken in conjunction with a professional major in Elementary Education or Special Education.

Sample Courses

  • Algebra and Number Theory
  • Dinosaur Biology
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Human Physiology
  • Math from Many Cultures
  • Math Through Crochet, Quilts, and Temari
  • Natural Disasters
  • Physics of Sports
  • Probability and Statistics

Skills You'll Learn

  • Confident and creative problem solving
  • Constructing sound mathematical and scientific arguments
  • Applying math and science to everyday life
  • Integrating cutting-edge technologies
  • Speaking and writing about math and science

Potential Careers

  • Elementary teacher
  • Early childhood educator
  • Teacher leader

Graduate Study

This major prepares you to study mathematics education or science education at the graduate level.

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