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Humanities and Writing

Why Humanities?

  • Fosters knowledge, sophistication, and insights about the world and its cultures and your own identity
  • Engages you in critical reflection and personal growth
  • Develops advanced research skills
  • Supports intellectual curiosity and inspires ways to contribute to society

Why Wheelock?

  • Professors work with you to find your passion, develop your intellectual interests, and identify your professional goals
  • Small classes encourage discussion, lively conversation, and debate
  • Boston's great cultural institutions will enhance your studies and spark your imagination


Wheelock College and Boston University have reached an agreement to merge as of June 1, 2018 and we are no longer accepting new applications. As a prospective applicant to Wheelock College, we hope you will be interested in applying to Boston University.

Wheelock's Humanities and Writing major is a multidisciplinary program that encompasses history, literature, philosophy, and art history. If you love to read, travel, or learn about other cultures, this major will deepen your knowledge and enhance your understanding of the world. You will engage in critical reflection, learn to analyze books and other materials, and develop excellent verbal and writing skills. Humanities include the histories, literatures, religions, stories, arts, and philosophical reflections of people in the present and past. By studying and writing about these creations, students learn how to organize material, think logically, and generate ideas.

Humanities and Writing Program Options

As a Humanities and Writing major, you may choose one of three focus areas:

  • History deepens your understanding of the past and the analytical distinctions between events and how those events are recorded.
  • Literature develops reading, analytical, writing, and critical skills through access to the human experience.
  • Philosophy engages you in the ongoing conversation about reality, knowledge, and value, with the goal of developing a critically informed worldview.

Humanities and Writing is an arts and sciences major that may be carried without another major or may be combined with a professional major.  Humanities is also available as a minor.

Sample Courses

  • 20th Century European History
  • African-American Literature
  • Contemporary Moral Issues
  • The Holocaust
  • Major Author: Jane Austen
  • Philosophies of Social Justice
  • Shakespeare
  • The Sixties
  • The Witch in History
  • World Religions

Transferable Skills You'll Learn

  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to absorb, analyze, and interpret texts and other materials
  • Understanding of world views
  • Capacity to write clearly and engagingly
  • Ability to identify hidden assumptions
  • Capacity to speak clearly and listen effectively

Potential Careers

Humanities Students at Wheelock College

Humanities and Writing provides knowledge and skills valuable in a number of professions,
such as:

  • Editor
  • Elementary or secondary teacher or administrator
  • Government aide
  • Higher education administrator
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Museum educator
  • Research assistant

Graduate Study

Humanities and Writing will give you the academic foundation and research skills necessary for many fields of graduate study, such as:

  • African-American studies
  • Comparative religion
  • Creative writing
  • Educational administration
  • Elementary and secondary education
  • English literature
  • History
  • Journalism
  • Language and literacy
  • Law
  • Museum studies
  • Philosophy

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