Environmental Studies

Why Environmental Studies?

  • Careers in environmental studies are one of the top nine careers with a future, according to US News and World Report.
  • Gain interdisciplinary knowledge needed to tackle complex environmental challenges facing the world today.

Why Wheelock?

Wheelock College and Boston University have reached an agreement to merge as of June 1, 2018 and we are no longer accepting new applications. As a prospective applicant to Wheelock College, we hope you will be interested in applying to Boston University.

The Environmental Studies Major offers you a degree with the flexibility to explore the social, cultural, and scientific issues behind environmental issues and sustainability. As the population of the world grows, demands for energy, water, and food increase. These needs, in addition to changes in climate, promise to be defining issues of the century.

Environmental Studies Program Overview

In addition to core courses in the natural sciences, you will also take courses in a variety of disciplines, such as math, health, food, energy, biodiversity history, or policy. This interdisciplinary approach will enable you to relate abstract concepts in the natural sciences to real-world issues. You will utilize problem solving skills to examine complex issues and you will develop strong communication skills as you articulate your viewpoint to others.

This major can be a standalone or combined with our other majors and/or minors. You may also minor in Sustainability with courses at Wheelock and through the Colleges of the Fenway consortium.


Ryan Antolick"What stuck out to me and has been impactful in my career thus far has been my experience in sustainability that was possible through the COF consortium. Working with faculty and students at Wheelock and the COF community, I gained a great amount of knowledge about the environment and in sustainability.."

- Ryan Antolick '16, Environmental Studies Alum

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Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Environmental Challenges
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Natural Disasters
  • New England Ecology
  • Investigations in Green Energy
  • Probability and Statistics
  • COF Environmental Forum
  • Courses in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Skills You'll Learn

  • Ability to make connections among science and non-science disciplines
  • Creative problem solving for complex environmental issues
  • Communication skills

Potential Careers

  • Animal conservationist
  • Aquarium keeper
  • Ecologist
  • Ecotour guide
  • Environmental educator
  • Environmental journalist
  • Environmental lobbyist
  • Grassroots organizer
  • Marine mammal trainer
  • Park ranger
  • Recycling coordinator
  • Wildlife rescuer

Graduate Study

Students interested in pursuing advanced degrees may do so in environmental law, or environmental-related fields such as environmental science, environmental policy, or sustainability.

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