Wheelock College Commencement 2018!

Commencement was Friday, May 18! See taped versions of the full Undergraduate and Graduate ceremonies and more at wheelock.edu/commencement.

Why Choose Wheelock

Since 1888, Wheelock College has been providing transformational education to individuals passionate about making the world a better place—especially for children and families.

A Focus on Content and Pedagogy

Our courses are designed to strengthen math and science content knowledge, and model inclusive teaching practices for diverse learners. The courses emphasize collaborative and interactive projects, the use of virtual and physical models, active exploration, demonstrations, and experiments. This program will help educators inspire and engage students in math and science during and after our courses.

The math courses help master concepts important for teaching elementary mathematics - for students ages 6-12 particularly in the areas of numbers and operations, patterns, functions, algebra, geometry and measurement, data, statistics, and probability. They also emphasize how to teach these concepts more effectively.

The science courses help you master important concepts in physical and life science, and they effectively model how to teach these concepts to elementary students.

In addition, courses in cognitive development, racial and cultural identity, and research complement the content and teaching methods courses by building a bridge between theory and practice. Our research course helps educators of math and science see themselves as action researchers whose labs become the classrooms, museums, after school and summer enrichment programs in which they teach.

This program aligns with Wheelock's commitment to civic engagement and social justice. We offer a perspective on education that is academically rigorous and mindful of the increasing diversity of today's students.

Our Expertise in Elementary Education Empowers Teachers

Wheelock is particularly committed to STEM education, as evidenced by a nationally recognized, NASA-funded STEM Teacher Enhancement Project (STEP), as well as our many efforts to improve the teaching of science and math.

Here are just two of our recent initiatives:

  • STEM Teacher Enhancement Project - This project, which launched in 2010, was designed to significantly improve math and science instruction among elementary teachers in Boston and beyond. This master's degree was partially funded from this initiative. Learn more about our expertise in STEM.
  • STEM Activity App - Wheelock's STEM Activity app helps achieve our primary goal in increasing awareness and stressing the importance of STEM education in the U.S.

Here's what a recent graduate had to say about the program:

Jodi Regan, Middle School Math Teacher"After researching a number of Masters of Education programs, I was drawn to Wheelock's unique STEM program because of the 50/50 mix of content and theory. The professors are generous with their time and feedback, the courses engaging, packed with information and designed to stimulate a lot of engagement between the students.

The online interaction adds another layer of reinforcement to the curriculum. It's a great program!"

- Jodi Regan
Middle School Math Teacher

About Wheelock College

As a private college with a public mission, Wheelock strives to be the premier college educating people to create a safe, caring, and just world for children and families. As we have since 1888, we contribute to the vitality of families, communities, and societies by:

  • Educating students who are well prepared academically, and as practitioners with real-world experience who are ready to be leaders and advocates, confident in their abilities, and sought after in a wide range of careers;
  • Advocating for programs, policies, and laws that enhance the quality of life for children and families.
  • Promoting multiculturalism and diversity within our academic programs and striving to embed a social justice perspective in our teaching approaches.
  • Increasing our domestic and global partnerships to have a broader impact on the world and to work with and learn from our colleagues in other parts of the US and in the world.

inspire a world of good

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