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Graduate Certificate in Elementary Science Education

Science education has never been more important. Our four course Graduate Certificate in elementary science equips teachers with the knowledge to more efficiently and effectively teach science to elementary aged students. We emphasize both content and pedagogy, so you'll not only learn the curriculum you'll be teaching, but also cutting-edge instructional methods.

By completing this graduate certificate, you will be equipped to teach elementary science in the following areas: physical science (the nature of matter, forces and motion, ancient ideas of motion, Newtonian mechanics, and gravity) and life sciences (characteristics of living things, including the various structures and functions of plants and animals, and adaptations to the environment). 

The following courses make up our Graduate Certificate in Elementary Science Education. The certificate courses be also applied toward our 10-course Master of Science in Educational Studies with a focus on teaching elementary math and science.

EDU 630: Inquiry into Life Science
3 credits
Introduces the role of scientific inquiry in life science through hands-on investigations. It begins with characteristics of living things, followed by examination of the various structures (and their function) found in plants and animals, and adaptations in response to the environment. It then introduces how life science concepts are taught in the elementary classroom.

EDU 632: Teaching and Learning Physical Science
3 credits
Examines basic concepts of physical science, including forces and motion of objects, as well as the earth in space. Topics include ancient ideas of motion, Newtonian mechanics, gravity, and the teaching of these concepts in the elementary classroom. Implements hands-on, at-home investigations.

EDU 634: Teaching and Learning Elementary Science
3 credits
Examines the role of inquiry in science teaching and learning using some basic concepts of physical science, including properties of materials and motion of objects. Engages students in at-home inquiry investigations with liquids, states of matter, and properties of materials. Science inquiry will be intertwined throughout the course.  Introduces issues related to teaching and learning in elementary classrooms.

EDU 636: Science Inquiry in Action
3 credits
Addresses the teaching of inquiry-based science in elementary classrooms. Begins with review of inquiry in life and physical science and asks participants to apply knowledge of science concepts addressed in previous courses to the development of appropriate learning experiences in the elementary classroom.
(Prerequisites: Teaching and Learning Elementary Science and Teaching and Learning Physical Science)

At Wheelock, the same inclusive techniques and focus on STEM education infuse our Masters of Science in Elementary Education. We invite you to learn more about this graduate certificate or our unique degree program by requesting more information today!

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