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Graduate Certificate in Elementary Math Education

There has never been a greater need for educators with expertise in teaching math. Our four course Graduate Certificate in elementary math equips teachers with the knowledge to more efficiently and effectively teach a broad range of mathematical concepts to elementary aged students. We emphasize both content and pedagogy, so you'll not only strengthen your knowledge of the curriculum, but also learn cutting-edge instructional methods.

By completing this graduate certificate, you will be equipped to teach elementary math in the following areas: numbers and operations, patterns, functions, algebra, geometry and measurement, data, statistics, and probability. 

The following courses make up our Graduate Certificate in Elementary Math Education. The certificate courses be also applied toward our 10-course Master of Science in Educational Studies with a focus on teaching elementary math and science.

EDU 622: Patterns, Functions and Algebra
3 credits
Explores algebraic thinking for the K-6 classroom. Uses tables, graphs, and rules to recognize, extend, analyze, and describe linear and non-linear patterns. Concepts of integers, variables, function, inequality, and equation are developed through investigations using current technology and trends consistent with NCTM, Common Core, and MCFM.

EDU 624: Number and Operations
3 credits
Explores number theory and computational strategies that illuminate the NCTM Number and Operations content strand, as well as MCFM and Common Core standards. Offers students an opportunity to identify their own misunderstandings, and then to build both mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. Uses a wide range of physical and virtual number and operation models.

EDU 626: Data Analysis and Probability
3 credits
Explores data collection and organization; measures of central tendency and variance; subjective, theoretical, experimental, and conditional probability; simulation; counting principles; and mathematical expectation. Includes techniques and technology in K-6 teaching and learning of data analysis and probability developed by NCTM, Common Core, and MCFM.

EDU 628: Geometry and Measurement
3 credits
This online course extends and enhances both content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge for all participating teachers. Participants will use both physical and virtual modes as they transformations and use both visualization and geometric modeling to solve problems that illuminate both the NCTM and Common Core Standards. Graduate. No Prerequisite.

At Wheelock, the same inclusive techniques and focus on STEM education infuse our Masters of Science in Elementary Education. We invite you to learn more about this unique degree program by requesting more information today!

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