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Student Policy Fellows Program

Program Application

Applicants must submit the application and attach a current resume. The Fellowship committee meets to consider applications in the fall.

The 2017 Application Period is closed.

For more information, contact:
Irwin Nesoff
Department of Leadership and Policy
200 Riverway
Boston, MA 02215

Policy Fellow Program at Wheelock College

At Wheelock, we value our students as advocates on many critical issues that affect children and families. But the state legislature can seem confusing and the State House literally a maze. Knowing when and how policy is developed, what factors influence legislation, and key budget strategies gives Wheelock Student Policy Fellows the edge they need to establish themselves as top players.

Students in majors including math, science, psychology, social work, juvenile justice, education, and visual and performing arts have been selected to intern on Beacon Hill. They work side-by-side with legislative aides, Senators, and Representatives to research bills, attend hearings and policy meetings, and provide constituent support. The placements, combined with a bi-weekly seminar, give students a broad understanding of the social and political issues affecting their chosen careers, as well as many other issues they might not have considered.

The Policy Fellows program ties directly into Wheelock's mission to improve the lives of children and families. A life-changing experience, the program helps Wheelock students gain the skills they need to become leaders and advocates who will enact positive, systemic change.

Application Requirements

All applicants must possess a strong academic background, show an interest in policy development and advocacy, and demonstrate how the Fellowship will support their academic and career visions. Support from the student's academic advisor is also required.

Students must apply in the Junior or Senior year of their undergraduate degree program or as a Graduate Student. They have the option to take the program for 2 credits with 8 hours of placement or 4 credits for 16 hours of placement.

An accompanying bi-weekly seminar melds the field experience with academic knowledge of government, budget, and legislative processes.

Applicants must submit the application and attach a current resume. The Fellowship Committee meets to consider applications in the fall.

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