Law School Pathway

Contact Information

Pathway to Law Advisor
Malcolm Pace
Assistant Director, Academic Advising

Pathway to Law Faculty Advisor
Prof. William Rodriguez
Associate Professor/Chair, Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy

Paying for Law School

Law school requires a significant investment of time, effort, and money. We've gathered some resources to help you make an informed plan for financing your education.


Pathway Events

The Pathways coordinators choose events designed to provide enriching experiences for students and expose them to the field of law. Pathway students are required to attend a specified number of these events each semester.

Students are also encouraged to attend workshops and events held by Wheelock's Career Services office.

See Pathway Events

See Career Services Events

Wheelock College and Suffolk University Law School

Wheelock College is proud to partner with Suffolk University Law School. The partnership is designed to offer capable, motivated, and academically qualified students the opportunity to complete their baccalaureate degree from Wheelock College and juris doctor from Suffolk Law.

Why the partnership between Wheelock College and Suffolk University Law School?

This collaborative partnership aligns with Wheelock's own commitment to being a dynamic, rigorous, and transformational learning, living, and working community underpinned by theory, practice, research, and advocacy. The collaboration meets the demands of a growing number of prospective and current undergraduate students interested in using a legal education to extend their passion and stewardship of Wheelock's mission to improve the lives of children and families in a variety of career pathways.

How can I start my Pathway to Law?

Wheelock students who are interested in pursuing a law degree, gaining exposure to the field of law and the many career paths it can lead to, or learning more about the Pathway are welcome to join in on the experience by completing our online Interest Form or by registering to attend one of our upcoming Pathway events.

What undergraduate program is the best fit?

Wheelock has very good foundational courses and majors to provide a track in legal studies and a strong pre-law advising program. You can choose virtually any Wheelock major to pursue law. However, there are certain courses that will help make you a successful student and eventually a successful attorney. The majority of these courses are in the arts & sciences and they include those that teach a student writing, government, philosophy, public speaking, psychology, and sociology. The designated pre-law advisor can help students at the initial stages select the strongest courses and meet the Pathway requirements.

How do I earn guaranteed acceptance to Suffolk University Law School

  1. Apply to join the Pathway through the Formal Application process at the start of the semester (fall, spring). DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION
  2. Maintain at least a 3.2 GPA while at Wheelock College.
  3. Obtain an LSAT score equal to or greater than the Suffolk University Law School's median score of the prior year. (Suffolk LSAT score information).
  4. Complete a Suffolk University Law School application with all necessary addendums through the proper channels and submit it prior to January 1st. Those who do not meet this deadline will still be considered for admission with the regular applicant pool.
  5. Meet all requirements to graduate from Wheelock College.

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