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Tina Durand
Honors Program Coordinator

The Wheelock Honors Program offers you a great deal of flexibility in the selection of courses within any undergraduate major.

As a student in the Honors Program, you are required to complete eight Honors-designated courses, according to the following guidelines:

Required Courses

  • HDP 130/131 - Human Growth & Development (first year)
  • HON 350 - Research Methods Across the Disciplines (junior or senior year)
    HIS/LIT 401 - Advanced Studies in History/Literature (Humanities majors; junior or senior year)

Honors Selective Courses

You may select from a variety of other Arts & Sciences courses, such as (but not limited to) the following:

PHL 170: Contemporary Moral Issues
LSC 153: Human Biology
AST 140: Race & Media in American Society
HDP 354: The Achievement Gap
LIT 212: Literature of the Holocaust
GEC 268: Qualitative Research Methods for Social Justice Inquiry

Honors Capstone Experience (HON 401: Honors Project)

In your senior year, you complete a capstone, thesis project that brings together the thinking, learning, and original ideas you have cultivated as a student in the program. Below is a sampling of the titles of past Honors Projects:

  • The Influence of Social Class on Children's Career and Educational Aspirations: A Focus on Two School Communities
  • The Art of Learning: Exploring the Impact of Visual Art and the Creative Process in Early Childhood Classrooms
  • Race and the Workers Movement in NYC: An Examination of the Writings of George Henry Evans, 1844-1848
  • Diagnosis Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Child, Parent, and Professional Perspectives

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