Wheelock College Commencement 2018!

Commencement was Friday, May 18! See taped versions of the full Undergraduate and Graduate ceremonies and more at wheelock.edu/commencement.

Graduate Academic Programs

Wheelock College and Boston University have reached an agreement to merge as of June 1, 2018 and we are no longer accepting new applications. As a prospective applicant to Wheelock College, we hope you will be interested in applying to Boston University.

What you do matters—make it matter more. Helping even one person overcome a problem is important. But if you want to address bigger, systemic issues, and challenge the status quo, come to Wheelock. Our faculty are scholar-practitioners with a first-hand understanding of the knowledge and skills required to make real change happen. You'll also benefit from Wheelock's emphasis on human development, multicultural perspectives, and action research projects.

Wheelock's graduate programs let you tailor your studies to fit your life and your goals. We have options that allow you to study full-time, part-time, on-campus, off-campus, or online. Combine one of our life-changing master's degree programs with a specialized, 12-credit graduate certificate—or take either type of program on its own.

Our goal is to help you acquire new knowledge and skills that can be put to use immediately to address challenges or enhance the impact of your work with children, families, and organizations.

Master's Degree Programs

Birth to Three: Infant, Toddler & Family Specialist, MS
Child Life and Family Centered Care, MS
Child Life Continuing Student, MS (open only to Wheelock undergraduates who meet certain criteria)
Early Childhood Education, MS
Educational Studies, MS
Educational Studies: International Teaching and Global Learning in Greece, MS
Educational Studies: International Teaching and Global Learning in China, MS
Educational Studies: Achieving Excellence in Teaching Math and Science (STEM Education) for Elementary Grades, MS (online program)
Integrated Elementary and Special Education, MS - also offered with the special Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows option (leading to educational licensure)
Language and Literacy, MS
Nonprofit Leadership, MS - we are not currently accepting applications for this program
Social Work/Nonprofit Leadership Dual Degree, MSW/MS - we are not currently accepting applications for this program
Social Work, MSW (also offered in Worcester)
Teacher of Reading, MS

Graduate Certificate Programs

Advancing Mathematics Content Knowledge (STEM Education) in Grades 1-6 (online program)
Advancing Science Content Knowledge (STEM Education) in Grades 1-6  (online program)
Autism Spectrum Disorder (leads to official Massachusetts endorsement)
Early Childhood Mental Health (open only to students enrolled in Wheelock's MSW program)
Teaching English Language Learners
Teaching Reading
Special Education
Family and Parenting Services
Nonprofit Leadership
Nonprofit Leadership for Wheelock MSW Students (open only to students enrolled in Wheelock's MSW program)
Military Counseling (offered for non-credit/continuing education credits only)
Indicates the certificate is a Massachusetts state-approved program designed to be used to move an initial teaching license in early childhood education, elementary education, special education, moderate disabilities, or English as a Second Language to professional status when all other state requirements are met. Note: These certificates do not lead to a new initial license without a practicum or additional MTELs.

Off-Campus Options for a Wheelock Education

We make it easier to get a Wheelock education by offering some of our renowned programs in off-campus locations.

  • Visit the Off-Campus Programs page to learn what's currently being offered or to request that Wheelock consider offering a program in your area.


Non-Matriculated Students/Adult Learners

If you are interested in taking a class or two to stay on top of your profession, to get to know Wheelock, to earn credits, or just to learn something new, we welcome you to our non-matriculated students program.

Partnership Programs

Wheelock partners with the Peace Corps and a variety of other institutions to broaden the educational options for our graduate students. Many of these partnerships encourage service or create opportunities to incorporate international experiences into graduate study.


Wheelock's graduate courses of study are organized within two schools and their related departments.

School of Education, Child Life and Family Studies

School of Education, Child Life & Family Studies

School of Social Work, Leadership, and Youth Advocacy

School of Social Work, Leaderhips and Youth Justice

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