Online Application for the Online Graduate Programs in Elementary STEM Education

NOTE: Wheelock College has reached an agreement to merge with Boston University. Please note that the graduate application requirements may change. The College is working with BU to determine its revised academic program portfolio in the new Wheelock College of Education and Human Development.

We will be in contact with all prospective students and applicants as the merger discussions between our two institutions continue and more details are available. Information will also be available at as developments warrant.

Please contact Graduate Admissions at 617-879-1114 or with any additional questions or to speak with an admissions counselor. We look forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months.

Application Instructions

We're pleased you are interested in applying to our master's degree or graduate certificate program! Below are the steps to complete your application.

1. Wheelock Graduate Application - Complete the online application form. You can access the online application here (the application will take a little time to complete, but you can start now and save your progress to return later if you need).

2. Essay - Please submit a 3-5 page essay describing why you would like to attend Wheelock College as a graduate student. Your essay should include information on which degree program you would like to pursue, how you became interested in this field, and why you feel Wheelock College would be the ideal institution for your education. You are also encouraged to describe strengths you bring to your chosen field and professional challenges you face.

You are welcome to submit additional materials that may give the Admissions Committee a broader view of your achievements, including supplemental letters/essays addressing any poor performance in your undergraduate coursework, if necessary. Please contact an admissions counselor if you have questions.

3. Letters of Reference - Three (3) letters of reference are required. One should be of an academic nature from a faculty member who is familiar with your academic work (e.g., a former professor or instructor). The second reference should be from an individual who can discuss your work or relevant experience. The third letter may be either academic or professional at your discretion. References from family members and/or friends are not acceptable. Additional letters of reference may be requested at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

4. Academic Records (transcripts) - Students applying for admission to a graduate program at Wheelock College must hold a Baccalaureate Degree from an accredited institution. Degree-seeking applicants must provide official transcripts from each junior college, college, and university (including Wheelock, if applicable) at which you were granted a degree and/or any graduate level courses or degrees you have achieved.

Contact the Registrar of each school you've attended, requesting that an official transcript be sent either to you or to the Office of Graduate Admissions directly. If you receive the transcripts, they must be submitted to Wheelock College in their original sealed envelopes. If you are still completing another degree program when applying at Wheelock, you may be eligible for conditional acceptance, but will need to submit a follow-up transcript showing final grades and degree obtained once you've finished. Additional transcripts regarding transferred course work may be requested at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. Send transcripts to:

Wheelock College
Graduate Admissions Office
200 Riverway
Boston, MA 02215

5. Resume - Work experience and career progression are important and will be considered by the Admissions Committee. Resumes should be professionally formatted and include your educational background, work experience, and skills.

6. Interview - We do not require an interview for all applicants. If we believe it helpful, the Admissions Committee may request an evaluative phone or personal interview to further discuss your academic and professional goals. All of our applicants are welcome to meet informally with members of the admission staff and faculty. Unless you initiate the request for an interview, the Admissions Committee will contact you directly.

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