Wheelock College Commencement 2018!

Commencement was Friday, May 18! See taped versions of the full Undergraduate and Graduate ceremonies and more at wheelock.edu/commencement.

Student Testimonials

"I enjoyed and benefited tremendously from the learning experience in the Wheelock Master of Science programme. I thank all the professors for their patience, effort in supporting my learning, and generosity in sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience. They have also made my learning highly enjoyable and served as excellent models for me through their interactions with the learners. They are among the best lecturers I have come across in the course of my studies." - Weng Fai Lee Scott (MS'08), Singapore

"Words simply can not describe our learning experiences. The amount of knowledge that I acquired from the very motivated, fun and intelligent group of lecturers, was money well spent. The institution molded and stretched my thinking beyond my expectations." - Irma Iryanti Jui (MS'04), Singapore

The Master Program "was an enriching experience...I found the content and method of teaching good and relevant to my work, providing me with a good foundation in early childhood care and development." - Nirmala Segaram (MS'02), Singapore

"The knowledge I gained through the Master Programme has allowed me to widen my score of work… The scope and depth of the course was not only rich, but applicable and relevant. The entire Master Programme experience has enriched me as a person and a professional in the field." - Denise Chan (MS'92), Singapore

"This Master's programme has pushed me to think more critically and deeply…In addition, every assignment that I have done comes back to me with personal comments from the professors. This is so important to me as I felt that every assignment is treated with respect and the comments from the Professors help to bring my learning to greater heights." - Coreen Soh, (MS'04), Singapore

"The course content of the Master program is really solid and delivered by one of the best faculty in this field. The reflective nature of the assignments has really made me question and think about my beliefs and philosophy of teaching. However, the greatest strength of this program is the attention paid to individual needs and goals and the quick resolution of any problems…" - Gita Sachdeva (MS'04), Singapore

"It was a very thorough, challenging program which addressed current educational trends and proved extremely relevant to my professional growth." The Wheelock College Master's Program assisted me to "fulfill a professional goal without having to leave the country and to re-evaluate my teaching practices and make positive changes." I was supported to "be aware of the importance of parent programs, teach to the 'whole' child according to abilities, interests and learning styles; and to become a more confident teacher." - Marlene Warren (MS'98), Bermuda

"This is everything a graduate program should be! The faculty were clearly of the highest caliber and expertise, sincerely committed to the program. The student cohort brought a wealth of experience and personal insight. The program balanced innovative approaches with sound educational philosophy. It was a truly invaluable experience in Bermuda." - Margaret Hallett, (MS'98), Bermuda

"A rare opportunity to achieve a quality graduate degree without the complication of leaving home." The Wheelock College Master's Program assisted me to "realize my potential in the professional world of education. I was supported to take risks in expressing my professional opinions." - Kurte Loescher (MS'98), Bermuda

"The Master of Science in early childhood education is a very practical course that enhances my knowledge through engaging class discussions, cooperative group works and enriching individual assignments. I certainly enjoy the interactions with the approachable lecturers and my course mates whose diversity in professions and backgrounds provides refreshing perspectives." - Foong Chue Tham (MS'07), Singapore

"After graduation, I was hired as a Research Assistant with the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP) of the National Institute of Education (NIE) working on an early childhood project. I have also been offered to do my Ph.D. next year using the data from a new project which I will be involved in." - Sue Abideen (MS'03), Singapore

"If the motive of Wheelock is to pass on the passion of learning to learners, Wheelock has succeeded."- Lau Jia Min (BS '09), Singapore

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