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Field Education, also known as the field practicum or field placement, is an integral component to professional social work training. It provides the platform to apply social work ethical principles to practice, and to bridge theory to practice through real-world experiences working with individuals, families, and communities. As a profession, field education is the primary means we have to acclimate and initiate students to their developing identities as social workers.

At Wheelock College, students will complete either one or two field placements during their time in the program. Undergraduate social work majors culminate their classroom studies with a two-semester field practicum their senior year. Graduate students complete a Foundation Year placement as well as a Concentration Year placement while in the program. Graduate students accepted as Advanced Standing will enroll in a Concentration Year placement after successfully completing a Gateway summer program which includes 100 hours in the field. See the Information for Students web page for further information on each program's field education requirements.

Social Work Field Education Partners

All of our field partner agencies are approved by the Social Work Field Education Office and meet the requirements for experiential social work education. Partner agencies are situated largely in the Greater Boston/Rte. 128 arc, but we also have partnerships with sites as far north as Chelmsford, further south to Cape Cod and in Providence, and also multiple sites in central Massachusetts to accommodate our Worcester-based graduate program.

We offer a supervision course for new and continuing field instructors as well as an appreciation event each year during March is Social Work month in support of field supervisors. Wheelock College is a member of the New England Consortium of Graduate Social Work Field Education (NECON) which sponsors seminars for field instructors and continuing education seminars throughout the academic year. Members of the Wheelock College Social Work faculty and staff also offer up to four professional development workshops for our field supervisors during the course of the academic year.

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