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In appreciation for the learning experiences provided to our practicum students, Wheelock College issues one voucher per student to each supervising practitioner with whom a student has completed a 3, 4, 5, or 6 credit practicum. Supervising practitioners may use their voucher for any course or professional development institute taking place on campus or online.

  1. Vouchers are sent directly to the supervising practitioner or site supervisor. If not used by the supervising practitioner, vouchers may be used by other site personnel; however, they may not be transferred to persons employed at any other site nor to a part or full-time student who is matriculated at Wheelock College. Vouchers may only be used by persons able to demonstrate current employment at the practicum site to which the voucher was issued. The voucher must be signed by a member of the administrative staff to validate it for registration. Be prepared to show proof of employment.
  2. Vouchers are valid for one calendar year immediately following the semester in which the Wheelock College student was placed at the practicum site. There are no extensions. No more than one voucher may be used per semester by any individual.
  3. For individuals enrolled in a Wheelock degree program, vouchers can be used for up to half the credits required for the degree. Individuals not enrolled in a degree program may use vouchers for up to four undergraduate or two graduate courses. Non-matriculated graduate students may apply for the status of lifelong learner and continue to register for graduate courses.
  4. Vouchers may be used only once for one graduate or undergraduate course, regardless of the credits assigned to the course (from 1-4 credits). Vouchers may not be used for field courses, practica or independent study. The voucher will be honored when presented for registration accompanied by a registration fee. If voucher is being used for an online course, student registration must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions three weeks prior to the class start date.
  5. Vouchers are issued to supervising practitioners who host full-time or part-time practicums only. The College does not issue vouchers for hosting pre-practicum students.
  6. Wheelock College reserves the right to cancel courses with insufficient enrollment. In the event of cancellation, a voucher can be used for another course that semester or a practicum site may request a voucher to be reissued to the practicum site for the following semester only. No other exceptions will be entertained.
  7. A bachelor's degree is required for graduate registration.
  8. Persons using a voucher will be responsible for payment of a registration fee. We are not able to extend vouchers or reissue lost ones. We advise you to treat the voucher as you would a check and put it in a safe and retrievable spot.

For information about registration policies, procedures and class schedules, please visit the Academic Records and Administration web pages.

For information on professional development institutes, please visit our Adult and Professional Programs web page.

Revised July 2015

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