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  1. Based on existing state licensure regulations, the Supervising Practitioner (mentor teacher) will:
    • Attend all Three-Way Conferences (involving the mentor teacher, Wheelock Student Teacher [candidate], and Wheelock Program Supervisor)
    • Provide formative and summative evaluation information as part of these meetings
  2. Provide ratings, in consultation with the Wheelock supervisor, for the six areas outlined in the Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP)
  3. The mentor teacher will informally observe the candidate's performance and teaching, and will regularly provide feedback on strengths and growth as well as constructive guidance to inform improvement. Under the CAP protocol, mentor teachers will also be formally responsible for conducting two unannounced observations of the candidate's teaching, providing feedback both orally after the observation as well as in writing using the CAP Observation Form.
  4. If a mentor teacher is concerned about a candidate's progress in meeting expectations or in demonstrating competence in any of the six areas in CAP, s/he will inform the Wheelock supervisor immediately. In this case, a process for identifying concerns and a plan for improvement will be agreed upon by the candidate, mentor teacher, and Wheelock supervisor, and a follow up meeting will be scheduled to report on progress. It should never be the case that a candidate is informed of inadequate progress at the end of a practicum.
  5. The mentor teacher will orient candidates and integrate them into the school community. This process will include introducing candidates to colleagues and other school personnel; providing them with information on school policies and procedures; and helping them to navigate systems and facilities.
  6. The candidate is responsible for clear and timely communication of course/program assignments. Mentor teachers will be responsible for making time and space in the school day and curriculum for candidates to complete the required assignments.
  7. The mentor teacher will involve the candidate in planning and team meetings, as well as meetings with specialists (as appropriate), and will allow the candidate to participate as fully as possible. In addition, the mentor teacher will make every effort to schedule these meetings so that the candidate may attend.
  8. The mentor teacher will collaborate with the Wheelock supervisor to help the candidate assume a gradual increase in classroom responsibility. The candidate's pacing will be monitored and facilitated by the mentor teacher and the Wheelock supervisor. Candidates are expected to participate in all aspects of classroom maintenance, organization, and
    preparation, as well as participate in planning, curriculum development and implementation, and classroom management.
  9. The mentor teacher will facilitate candidates' communication with families and involve them as appropriate in preparing for and conducting conferences, home-school communication, working with classroom volunteers etc.
  10. The mentor teacher will provide formal and informal opportunities to discuss (with the candidate) practical and theoretical issues related to teaching. It is a critical component of the practicum that the philosophy, theory, and rationale behind the mentor teacher's decision making be made explicit.

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