Youth Justice and Advocacy Course Map

At Wheelock College, students major in either a traditional Liberal Arts area or Social Work, and may elect to complete a professional concentration in addition to the major. For the Youth Justice and Advocacy concentration, students complete 38 credits, which include didactic courses, community-based field experiences, and the 200-hour practicum at a youth-justice related site.

Through the following four core didactic courses, students are exposed to content specific to the field of youth justice and delinquency:

  • JJA 201: Introduction to Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
  • JJA 302: Causes and Prevention of Delinquency
  • JJA 301: Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Law
  • JJA 380: Intervention and Advocacy with Juveniles and Families

Students in the concentration must also take support courses in:

  • Research Methods
  • Adolescent Development, and
  • Either Dynamics of Oppression or Sociology of Minority Groups.

Note: These courses will have been successfully completed prior to the practicum semester.

Finally, students take three advanced courses to complete the concentration:

  • JJP 401: Practicum in Juvenile Justice
  • JJS 402: Seminar in Juvenile Justice
  • JJA 403: Integrative Seminar in Juvenile Justice

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