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All of Wheelock's full educator preparation programs provide course work with field and clinical experiences that enable teacher candidates to learn and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of professionals as outlined in state and national performance-based standards and reflected in the Wheelock College Education Standards for Teachers. Wheelock is the only private higher education institution in Massachusetts that has all of its teacher preparation programs nationally recognized by individual specialty associations. Accreditation is a promise to the public of quality on a consistent basis.

Education Field Practica Overview

Each individual program has specific requirements that are communicated by Wheelock faculty and supervisors. Common expectations include:

  • Each practicum student must meet weekly or on a regular basis for planning time and communication with the Supervising Practitioner.
  • Wheelock practicum students (Teacher Candidates) must have the opportunity and support to fulfill increasing responsibilities to plan and implement lessons or activities in all content areas appropriate to the program (and area of licensure).
  • Practicum students must demonstrate the ability to assume leadership responsibilities of the classroom teacher over a sustained period, according to program expectations.
  • All Teacher Candidates have completed courses in content and pedagogical content knowledge, as well as coursework in child development and in racial and cultural identities, as they complete a sequence of supervised field, pre-practicum and practicum or internship experiences.
  • All clinical supervisors are experienced teachers and/or school principals. All demonstrate excellence in their practice as educators, supervisors, and mentors.

Field Practica Requirements for Educator Preparation Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Major Practicum - Hours/Days
Early Childhood Education Full-time (PK or K)- 300 hours/4 days per week
Part-time (different age and setting)- 150 hours/2.5 days per week
Early Childhood Education
Full-time (1st or 2nd) - 300 hours/ 4 days per week
Part-time (PreK or K) - 150 hours/2.5 days per week
Elementary Education Pre-Practicum - 100 hours/1.5 days per week
Full Practicum - 300 hours/5 days per week
Special Education
(Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities)
Full-time (Inclusive Classroom) - 300 hours/4 days per week
Part-time (Sub-specialty area) - 150 hours/2.5 days per week


Graduate Programs

Program Practicum - Hours/Days
Early Childhood Education
PreK-2 Licensure
Full-time (1st or 2nd) - 200 hours/4 days per week
Part-time (PreK or K) - 200 hours/ 4 days per week
Early Education and Care Full-time (PreK or K) - 300 hours/4 days per week
Integrated Elementary
and Special Education
Full-time (Immersive Classroom) - 300 hours/5 days per week
Full-time (TSMD focus) - 300 hours/5 days per week

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