Field Education at Wheelock

Field Experience and Field Education at WheelockReal-world experience is the hallmark of a Wheelock education. Every Wheelock undergraduate and graduate degree program combines academic excellence with hands-on experiences in settings such as hospitals, schools, nonprofit agencies, government offices, and many other institutions.

Two departments are dedicated to overseeing these experiences for our students: the Office of Field Education and the Social Work Field Education Office.

Office of Field Education

The Office of Field Education is a central office under Academic Affairs and provides expertise in field programs/policies across the College. Each first year student immediately enters the field as part of the required, yearlong Human Growth and Development course and field component. Upper class students in Psychology, Education, Human Services, and Youth Advocacy continue to deepen these experiences as emerging professionals, while honing their knowledge base, skills set, and focus toward graduation and beyond. Graduate students in Education and Child Life programs also work through the Office of Field Education as they enter and engage with multiple practicum.

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Social Work Field Education Office

Field Education, also known as the field practicum or field placement, is an integral component to professional social work training at Wheelock. The Social Work Field Education Office provides opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate social work students to apply social work ethical principles to practice, and to bridge theory to practice through real-world experiences working with individuals, families, and communities.

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