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Social Work Department

Social Work Faculty and Staff

Hope Haslam Straughan, Dean, School of Social Work, Leadership, and Youth Advocacy
Nina Aronoff, Associate Professor of Social Work
Lenette Azzi-Lessing, Professor of Social Work
Steve Baggish, Academic Support
Julie Bolduc DeFilippo, Instructor of Social Work
Ashley Davis, Assistant Professor of Social Work
Amy Ebbeson, Wheelock@Worcester Site Coordinator and Instructor of Social Work
Sera Godfrey-Kaplan, Instructor of Social Work
Sue Harju, Wheelock@Worcester MSW Site Assistant
Denita Johnson, Director of Social Work Field Education
Heidi Sue LeBoef, Wheelock@Worcester Field Coordinator
Liz Marino, Assistant to the Dean
Terry Moynahan, Social Work Field Education Advisor
Kerlyne Pacombe, Assistant Director of Social Work Field Education
Sarah Rich, Academic Assistant
Linda T. (Lynn) Sanford, Instructor of Social Work
Billie Starks, Instructor of Social Work
Wade Taylor, MSW Program Chair and Assistant Professor of Social Work
Susan Yi-Millette, BSW Chair and Instructor of Social Work
Katherine Walbam, Instructor of Social Work

In the Social Worker major, students study theories and methods of the social work profession and learn how to apply this knowledge through hands-on experience.

The program incorporates many different subject areas, including psychology, sociology, and human development.

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