Edwin Shriver

Wheelock College Faculty Member Edwin ShriverInstructor Psychology and Human Development Department
School of Arts and Sciences
Email: eshriver@wheelock.edu
Office: Activities East 225B

Educational Degrees

B.A., 2004, Kent State University
M.A., 2006, Miami University (Oxford, OH)
Ph.D., 2011, Miami University (Oxford, OH)

Ed Shriver is a social psychologist with interests in implicit racial biases and face processing and recognition of other-race faces. Courses taught include human growth and development, social psychology, and research methods.

Most recently, Ed has been collaborating with Francis (Lee) Stevens, also Wheelock faculty, on a project about how shame perpetuates implicit racial bias. He is also interested in how face processing and recognition is influenced by group membership and stereotyping. This work focuses on the social cognitive processes that underlie the cross-race recognition deficit, a general tendency to have difficulty recognizing faces of a race other than one's own. Recognition deficits involving members of other groups (such as those of another race) can be especially problematic in the legal context where someone might be wrongfully convicted as a result of eyewitness misidentification.

His published work addresses the intersection of race and social class and how social status and roles affects how we perceive and remember faces the perception and memory for other people's faces.

While a visiting professor at Miami University-Middletown, he was also involved with developing a service-learning course involving persons with developmental disabilities. Through combined academic learning and direct involvement with disabled children and adults in the community, college students developed more positive attitudes and became more comfortable interacting with persons who have cognitive or physical disabilities.

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