Humanities and Writing Faculty

Mary Battenfeld
Edmund Campos
Anne Champion
Marcia Folsom
Gregory Cass
Jama Lazerow
Jenne Powers
Swen Voekel
Scott Votel
Phillip Weiss

The interdisciplinary Humanities major provides students with knowledge and skills vital to Wheelock's mission and to working and living in the 21st century. Based in history, literature, philosophy, and religion, as well as the arts, Humanities courses offer experiences that help students think broadly, deeply, and comparatively about events, values, and works from diverse eras and cultures.

In Humanities courses, students strengthen their analytical skills as critical readers and writers, and as knowledgeable citizens who can engage in informed conversation about social, political, aesthetic, historical, and ethical issues. A particular aim of the Humanities major at Wheelock is to develop in students an appreciation not only of their own cultural legacies, but those of others, and to explore the changing lives of women, people of color, and working people throughout the world.

The Humanities major complements professional preparation for the fields of teaching, social work, and child life, and the Humanities major also prepares students for other careers and for a full, rich life.

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