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Faculty Member Ashley DavisAssistant Professor Social Work Department
School of Social Work, Leadership, and Youth Advocacy
Phone: 617-879-2023
Office: Boston Campus, Activities West 305H

Educational Degrees

B.A. (Cognitive Science), Wellesley College, 1998
M.S.W., Simmons College School of Social Work, 2001
Ph.D. (Social Work), Simmons College, 2012

Dr. Ashley Davis is an assistant professor of social work. She teaches in both the BSW and MSW programs, including the Wheelock@Worcester MSW program. Her courses include: Social Research, Statistics for Social Workers, Social Work Practice with Children and Families, and the Dynamics of Oppression and Privilege.

Dr. Davis is a licensed clinical social worker. She has provided clinical services as a staff social worker and supervisor in the Couples and Family Clinic at Cambridge Health Alliance, and on the psychiatric inpatient units and partial hospital programs at McLean Hospital. Currently she treats a diverse client population in her private practice and supervises social workers who are pursuing independent licensure. She earned a certificate in Advanced Clinical Supervision from the Smith School of Social Work.

Dr. Davis's research agenda focuses on anti-racism and white privilege in social work practice and education. Beyond her scholarship, she engages in anti-racist activism within her community.

Dr. Davis also studies effective approaches for teaching research methods and statistics to social work students, and explores current issues in the preparation of advanced clinical scholars in social work doctoral education. Dr. Davis enjoys mentoring and collaborating with undergraduate Research Assistants on her research projects.

Dr. Davis is a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Teaching in Social Work and the Board of Consulting Editors for the Journal of Progressive Human Services: Radical Thought and Praxis.

Selected Publications

  • Mirick, R.G. & Davis, A. (in press). Making meaning of MSW students' statistical abilities: The role of self-efficacy and knowledge-based assessment. Journal of Social Work Education.
  • Davis, A. & Livingstone, A. (2016). Sharing the stories of racism in doctoral education: The anti-racism project. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 36(2), 1-19.
  • Davis, A. & Gentlewarrior, S. (2015). White privilege and clinical social work: Reflections and recommendations. Journal of Progressive Human Services: Radical Thought and Praxis, 26(3), 191-208.
  • Davis, A. & Mirick, R. G. (2015). MSW students' perceptions of relevance and application of statistics: Implications for field education. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 35(3), 317-336.
  • Mirick, R. G., & Davis, A. (2015). A clinician in the classroom: Using a reflective practice paradigm to learn to teach. Reflective Practice, 16(2), 182-194.
  • Davis, A., Mirick, R., & McQueen, B. (2014). Teaching from privilege: Reflections from white female instructors. Affilia, 1-12.

Selected Presentations

  • Davis, A. & McQueen, B. (2016). White privilege and social work practice. White Privilege Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Davis, A. & Mirick, R. (2016). Enhancing students' statistical competence: Implications for education in professional disciplines. New England Educational Research Organization Conference, Portsmouth, NH.
  • Davis, A. & Reber, D. (2016). Advancing human rights and social and economic justice in field education. Baccalaureate Program Directors Annual Conference, Dallas, TX.
  • Wladkowski, S., Mirick, R. & Davis, A. (2016). Understanding sampling and recruitment challenges in social work dissertation research. Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference, Washington, DC.
  • Davis, A. & Lacet Cadet, C. (2016). So, you're thinking about a social work doctorate? National Association of Social Workers, Symposium, Framingham, MA.
  • Livingstone, A. & Davis, A. (2015). Writing the stories of racism in doctoral education: The anti-racism project. 60th Annual Program Meeting, Council of Social Work Education, Denver, CO.
  • Davis, A. & McQueen, B. (2015). Teaching from privilege in social work education. White Privilege Conference, Louisville, KY.

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