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Janine Bempechat

Wheelock College Professor of Human Development Janine BempechatProfessor Psychology and Human Development Department
School of Arts and Sciences
Email: jbempechat@wheelock.edu
Phone: 617-879-2344
Office: ACE 223C

Educational Degrees

B.A. 1978, McGill University
Ed.M., 1979, Harvard University
Ed.D. 1986, Harvard University

Dr. Janine Bempechat is a developmental psychologist who studies family and school influences in the achievement motivation of low income children and youth. She has studied elementary and secondary school students in both public and Catholic schools.

Currently, she is examining ninth graders' perceptions of their educational experiences cross-ethnically and cross culturally. A former National Academic of Education Spencer Fellow, her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, and the William T. Grant Foundation.

She is the author of Against the Odds: How At Risk Students Exceed Expectations (Jossey-Bass, 1998), and Getting our Kids Back on Track: Educating Children for the Future (Jossey-Bass, 2000), which was translated into Chinese in 2006. She co-edited Learning in Culture and Context: Approaching the Complexities of Achievement Motivation in Student Learning (New Directions in Child Development, 2002), and is co-editor, with David J. Shernoff, of the forthcoming NSSE Yearbook, Engaging Youth in Schools: Evidence-Based Models to Guide Future Innovations (2013, Teachers College Press).

Selected Publications

Bempechat, J. & Shernoff, D.J. (In press). Parental influences in achievement motivation and school engagement, In S.L Christenson, A.L.Reschly, & C.Wylie (Eds.), The Handbook of Research on Student Engagement. New York, NY: Springer Science.

Bempechat, J., Mirny, A., Li, J., Wenk, K.A., & Holloway, S.D. (2011) Learning together: The educational experiences of adolescents in Moscow. In McInerney, D.M., Walker, R.A., Arief, G., & Liem, D. (Eds.). Research on sociocultural influences on motivation and learning Volume X, Sociocultural theories of learning and motivation: Looking back, looking forward. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Press.

Bempechat, J., Li, J., Neier, S., Gillis, C.A., & Holloway, S.D. (2011). The homework experience: Perceptions of low income youth. Journal of Advanced Academics, 22(2), 252-280.

Kenny, M., Walsh-Blair, L. Y., Blustein, D. L., Bempechat, J., & Seltzer, J. (2010). Achievement motivation among urban adolescents: Work hope, autonomy support, and achievement-related beliefs. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 77, 205-212

Selected Presentations

Bempechat, J., Seltzer, J.M., Kenny, M.E., & Blustein, D.L. (2011) Positive Youth Development Through Work-Based Learning. Poster presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Montreal, April.

Bempechat, J., Catraio, C., Blustein, D.L., Kenny, M.E., Seltzer, J.R., Hruby, J., & Cecchetelli, A. (2011). Perceptions of Personal Growth and Maturity: High School Graduates' Reflections of Their Corporate Work-Study Experiences. Poster presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, April, New Orleans.

Bempechat, J., Shernoff, D.J., Li, J., Holloway, S.D., & Arendtsz, A.L. (2010). Achievement Beliefs and School Engagement in Low Income Adolescents: A Mixed-Methods Study. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, Denver.

Courses taught

  • Achievement Motivation
  • Ethnicity, Culture, and Achievement
  • Human Growth and Development

Media Mentions

Research Interests and Projects

  • Motivation
  • School engagement
  • Discourse analysis
  • School reform

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