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Wheelock faculty engage in a wide range of scholarly and professional activities. The Scholarship and Creativity Newsletter, compiled by Wheelock's Center for Scholarship and Research, highlights the many achievements of our vibrant faculty. It is published annually.

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At Wheelock College, our faculty members are distinguished leaders in their fields of expertise who are recognized as both successful scholars and gifted teachers. Yet, despite local and international recognition, they are very approachable experts. They are at Wheelock because they are committed to working closely with students and to building deep mentoring relationships with them.

Wheelock's mission—improving the lives of children and families—fuels the work of our faculty members. Faculty commitment to the mission is evident in their dedication to improving the life of each individual student they encounter. They are here to help you be successful. Wheelock classes are student-centered: focused on your learning and professional future. Professors will challenge and support you to achieve excellence and success in your chosen goals.

Wheelock is distinguished by the faculty's devotion to hands-on learning with real-world impact. Wheelock professors want you to be able to take your learning and apply it right away to make the world a better place. Our faculty will guide you through field experiences and will offer you a range of opportunities, including service learning around the globe, leadership development, and undergraduate and graduate research projects.

We invite you to join our faculty in a community of lifelong learners who are shaping policy and practice in education, human services, and other fields, and working together to improve the lives of children, families, and communities.

Academic Deans

Detris Adelabu, Dean, Arts and Sciences
Linda Banks-Santilli, Dean, School of Education, Child Life and Family Studies
Hope Haslam Straughan, Dean, School of Social Work, Leadership, and Youth Advocacy

Faculty By Department

American Studies
Child Life and Family Studies
Early Childhood Education
Elementary and Special Education
Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy
Language and Literacy
Mathematics and Science
Nonprofit Leadership and Policy
Psychology and Human Development
Social Work

Emeritus Faculty and Retired Faculty and Administrators

President Emeritus
Dr. Marjorie Bakken

Faculty Emeriti
Dr. Emily Cahan
Dr. Eleanor Chasdi
Dr. Leo Collins
Dr. Gail Dines
Dr. Joan Gallos
Dr. Patricia Hogan
Dr. Maya Honda
Dr. Susan Harris-Sharples
Dr. Amelia Klein
Dr. Edgar Klugman
Ms. Susan Kosoff
Mr. Robert Meredith
Ms. Frances Perkins
Dr. Stefi Rubin
Dr. Sau Fong Siu
Dr. Rika Spungin

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