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Utilize the suggested strategies below to put together a networking plan that will help you develop and maintain networks over the course of your college experience. Each year you will build new connections and grow your relationship with your existing network. Note that your plan does not have to happen exactly as outlined.

1st Year

  • Get to know your professional advisors and professors. Drop by their office hours, schedule time to meet or talk to them before/after class. Ask about what do they do? What are their areas of research/expertise?
  • Get to know Student Advisors and other student leaders. Be sure to pick their brains about getting to know people around campus, ways to build a network, information about majors and/or how to get involved on and off campus.
  • Join Wheelock and COF student clubs and organizations to meet students and advisors who will become part of your network.
  • Sign-up for LinkedIn
  • Attend Career Services Events including (DO THIS EVERY YEAR!!!):
  • Work Study/Part-time Jobs Fair
  • Education Career Fair
  • Career and Internship Fair
  • Alumni Symposium
  • Employer Information Sessions

2nd Year

  • Conduct informational interviewing with faculty, alumni, student leaders, and industry professionals, to develop valuable connections and explore major and career options.
  • Start to join professional organizations in fields of interest.
  • Comment, engage, and connect on LinkedIn
  • Consider taking on leadership roles in clubs and organizations.
  • Seek out internships, branch out to more professionalized part-time jobs, get involved in community service and plan for service learning trips to meet people and gain experience.

3rd Year

  • Inventory your Network. Whom have you met? Make a list of the 10 strongest connections you've made. Think about how you want to further engage with them.
  • What other types of professionals do you want to add to your network? Anyone in particular in mind?
  • Continue looking for major-specific experiential learning opportunities including jobs, internships, service learning and community service.
  • Take on increased roles in professional organizations by attending and presenting at conferences.
  • Create business cards that include: name, contact info, academic degree and major. Doing so not only looks professional, but gives new connections an easy way to remember you and potentially refer you for jobs and internships.
  • Take on campus leadership roles. You'll meet students, faculty and staff as well as potentially work with outside organizations (great networking opportunity!)

4th Year

  • Job search begins. Think about the fields, schools, and geographic location of where you envision yourself working after graduation. Start to review your current network to see who you already know in these areas.
  • Considering graduate school? The same should apply and utilize the Graduate School Guide (link) for more tips.
  • Continue informational interviewing. Reach back out to contacts from previous networking.
  • Make a goal of the number of: career events, contacts met with, jobs applied to each week or month.
  • Utilize your professional networks to seek out jobs and contacts.
  • Attend networking events and opportunities on and off campus.

Graduation and Beyond

  • Be the same supportive resource to new students that others were to you as a Career Services Volunteer
  • Never stop learning. Informational interviewing should be done throughout your career.
  • Keep up with LinkedIn, particularly the Wheelock College Alumni Association LinkedIn Group.
  • Seek out conference and networking opportunities within your school district, social work agency, nonprofit organization, etc.
  • Keep in touch. Even if it is a short email to tell a professor what you're up to, people appreciate a periodic update, especially if they helped you get to where you are.

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