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Networking is the process by which you build relationships that help you grow professionally. It allows you to gain contacts in relevant fields, gain new perspectives, and share your own knowledge with others. There are many structured and unstructured opportunities to network. In fact, you are already networking on a daily basis through your conversations in class, at work, in your residence hall, the commuter lounge, dining hall, club meetings, social media, etc.

How to Network

Develop a plan for what you want to get out of networking (new job, internship, career advice) then decide where or how you will network to meet your goals.


Faculty/Staff/Alumni - Get to know and develop professional relationships with Wheelock faculty, staff and alumni who have knowledge and connections that will support your academic and career goals. Talk to them about career interests, graduate school plans and skill building opportunities.

The annual Alumni Symposium held each March brings alumni back to campus for a day of professional development and networking. Students are invited to attend the symposium and the networking reception.

On and Off Campus Involvement and Work - Whether it is through the people you meet at field placements, jobs, student organization meetings, campus programs, classes or volunteer work, or conversations with your family and friends, you are developing valuable networks. You never know who has a helpful connection.

Career Fairs - Attending on and off campus career fairs brings you into contact with employers from across the Boston area, New England and beyond. It is an opportunity for you to develop professional networks that will support current and future career plans. It is never too early to start attending career fairs and building industry connections. Wheelock sponsors two on-campus fairs each spring: an Education Career Fair in March and a General Job and Internship Fair in April.

External Networking Events - Build networks by joining professional organizations (take advantage of student pricing), registering for professional conferences, attending events related to your major or interests and/or getting involved in the community.


LinkedIn - Linked is a great tool to build a network and stay in touch with contacts. The first step in using LinkedIn as a networking tool is to develop a strong profile. This includes: having a professional photo; writing a strong summary; creating a standout headline; adding images and documents to support experiences; completing all relevant sections of the profile; and asking for recommendations. Need help creating a Linked In profile? Attend a Career Services LinkedIn workshop or schedule an appointment with the office.

You want to continually connect with friends, faculty, staff, co-workers, alumni, professional contacts, etc. to build your network and outreach. Also, follow organizations of interest or industry leaders. To remain active on your network's LinkedIn home pages, use the status updates to share relevant content or to post or like other's status updates.

Be sure to join and be active in LinkedIn groups, including the Wheelock College Alumni Association Group, which is open to all students and alumni.

Twitter - On Twitter you can follow people, groups, companies and organizations of interest to you. To network, retweet posts, tweet relevant information at people/groups and use appropriate hashtags. Follow Wheelock Career Services at @WheelockCS.

Facebook - Follow or like the group or fan pages of companies, organizations, and leaders in your field. The key to networking on FB is to be active in those pages by commenting on or sharing page content. Be sure to follow the Career Services Facebook page.

Webinars - Register for webinars sponsored by professional organizations in your field. After webinars, stay in touch with facilitators and attendees.

Help Others

Networking is also about you helping others. Once you've landed that dream internship or job, pay it forward by serving as a resource and connection for fellow students and alumni.

Networking Resources

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