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Student Testimonials about the Bridge Program


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Wheelock's Bridge Program  is designed to smooth incoming students' transition to college and help them achieve success at Wheelock. We surveyed Bridge students about the skills they learned through the Bridge program and how the program affected their overall college experience.

Skills Learned During Bridge:Summer Bridge

  • "Bridge helped me feel accustomed to the environment. When classes started, I wasn't nervous, I was ready."
  • "I don't think I would be able to deal with college life had I not done Bridge."
  • "Bridge clarified the expectations of college and that was very helpful."
  • "It helped me tremendously in coping with my transition here at college and away from home."
  • "Everything I was concerned about with academics was addressed during Bridge."
  • "I especially appreciated the time management workshop because it gave me a leg up when preparing for my full course load in the fall semester."
  • "I feel that I became more self-aware and, I think, it has been a benefit for me this year. It truly prepared me for what we discuss in class for the beginning of the year."
  • "It made me look at myself and my transition into becoming a man."
  • "It showed me that everyone goes through something that affects them, and not to take life for granted."

How Bridge Helped Me Succeed:

  •  "I am proud that I have not been late or absent, and have not missed one assignment nor turned one in late!"
  • "I am keeping my grades up and doing well with all of my homework assignments."
  • "I am getting all of my work completed on time! I was afraid of the workload, but it has been very manageable."
  • "I am proud I am able to time manage as a commuter with two jobs and a course load with Field Placement."
  • "I'm getting good grades on all of my papers, and that makes me super excited!"
  • "I'm getting A-range grades in ALL of my classes!"
  • "I'm participating in class, going to office hours, and feeling like I can manage my courses and social life."
  • "I feel surprisingly comfortable talking with all of the faculty."
  • "I'm keeping myself organized while getting everything done and going to classes on time."
  • "I have insight on how my work will be graded."
  • "I realized that in order to write a good paper, I really have to look it over and even ask others for advice."
  • "I feel very welcome and am now comfortable with seeking help from the services we are provided with."
  • "I have become a profound writer. I make sure everything is organized, I use vocabulary that will draw the reader's attention, and write in such a way the makes the reader want to read more."
  • "I have meetings with my professors at a time that works for both of us."
  • "I found out that I am the opposite of shy. I made a lot of close friends who I'm still close with now."
  • "Bridge helped me develop more social skills, and I interact with people more now."

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