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Housing Accommodations Procedures and Guidelines

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Access and Disability Resources
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Director: Jennifer Pike
Confidential Fax: 617-879-2163
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Note: If content is needed in an alternate format, please contact ADR at adr@wheelock.edu so that accessible content can be provided.


Wheelock College is committed to the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of college life, including residential life. In accordance with the ADAAA (Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act 2008) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Wheelock has established procedures to ensure that students with documented disabilities receive housing assignments that reasonably meet their needs and provide access to residential living as required by law.

Housing accommodations are intended to provide reasonable, effective access to residential living, regardless of disability however, accommodations are not designed to improve a student's performance, satisfaction or improve relaxation. Living in a residence hall is communal in nature and so therefore distraction free, allergen free or comforting environments cannot be reasonable provided.

Environmental or food sensitivities can often be addressed without formal accommodations. Please see the dining services web site regarding food sensitivities and food allergies. Please note on the housing application if you prefer a carpet free room or air conditioning due to allergies.

Periodically a student that has a service animal lives in a residence hall. Please inform Residence Life if you prefer not to live on a floor with a service animal due to allergies with pet dander.

Procedures for Requesting a Housing Accommodation

  • Register with Access and Disability Resources by completing and submitting the ADR Intake Form (pdf) and the Disclosure of Disability Form (pdf).  (Students already registered with ADR and accessing accommodations do not have to fill out an additional ADR Intake Form or Disclosure Form for housing accommodations. However, disability documentation for housing accommodation requests requires different information then needed for academic accommodations).
  • Schedule a meeting with the Director of Access and Disability Resources by emailing ADR@wheelock.edu, calling 617-879-2030, or during the academic year via Appointments on MyWheelock.
  • Complete the Wheelock College ADR Request for Housing Accommodation Student Form (pdf).
  • Submit completed Request for Housing Accommodation Health Care Provider Form (pdf).
  • All material must be submitted to: email adr@wheelock.edu (subject line Housing) or by confidential fax to 617-879-2030, or mail to Director ADR, 200 Riverway, Boston, MA 02115.
  • Students with Service Animals, those looking for an emotional support animal as an accommodation, or those who require a Personal Care Assistant should contact the Director of ADR to discuss next steps.

Housing Accommodation Request Deadlines

Application deadlines were established to allow for requests to be made, documentation to be received and reviewed, and prior to the general housing selection process. Incomplete documentation or missing forms may delay the eligibility review process. If the deadline is missed, the material will be reviewed on a rolling basis, HOWEVER, accommodation needs that develop during the semester are more difficult to provide because fewer options are available. While each student's needs are reviewed individually, students may be placed on a waiting list because of mid semester and mid-year housing availability. Adjustments can only be made as space permits. Housing accommodation request must be made annually. Students that are on LOA, semester abroad or have taken a semester off must still submit material by the stated deadlines.

Student Request Forms and Health Provider Forms must be submitted by the following dates:

Returning Students (to request accommodations for the following academic year)
March 31
New Students/Transfers Entering in the Fall
June 15
New Students/Transfer Students Entering in the Spring December 31

Other: Students who may require assistance in an emergency evacuation are urged to discuss their needs with ADR and identify themselves to the Director of Public Safety. With the student's input, emergency evacuations should also be discussed with your RA, RD and Assistant Director for Res Life. Each floor has a designated Safe Refuge location for emergency personnel to check in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Committee Review and Housing Assignment

The housing committee will evaluate each student's request to determine if the request is a disability related need, identify the impact the disability has on the student in the residential environment, if the accommodation allows for equal access, or if there is an alternative option which will meet the student's need without identifying a formal accommodation. Accommodation requests may not be granted if deemed unreasonable or unduly burdensome. Requests for housing accommodations are handled by the Wheelock Housing Review Committee. Committee members include the Director of Access and Disability Resources, the Director of the Counseling Center and representatives of Residential Life.

Grievance Process

Students who are not granted housing accommodations through this process have the right to appeal the committee's decision. Students will receive information on the Grievance process with their decision letter. The grievance process can also be found in the MyWheelock Student Portal.

All decisions of the committee are final and are subject to the approval of the Dean of Students. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to Jennifer Pike at 617-879-2030 or adr@wheelock.edu.

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