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Event Accessibility Guidelines

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Please keep the following accessibility points in mind when planning campus events.

Notification of Event

Asking potential participants to identify accessibility needs is important when hosting an event! Be sure to add a statement to your event flier or announcement to receive notice of accessibility needs such as w/c accessibility, American Sign Language Interpreter, large print, lighting, dietary needs and digital information available ahead of time. 

Suggested Statement on Event Flier: If you require disability -elated accommodations to participate in this event, please contact (name of event sponsor) 2 weeks in advance.


Events must be held in wheelchair accessible locations (step free paths of travel and public elevators if held on higher level floors). Tables and spaces need to allow for wheelchair access (layout needs to allow for movement throughout the location). Moveable furniture is helpful for flexibility of room arrangement. Keep sight-lines from seating areas to the stage/podium/front of room in mind.

Printed Material Announcing the Event

While many program or event fliers are created to be eye catching, ornate fonts, tables, images, etc. are not easily read by screen readers (software that reads printed material). So, individuals who are blind or have low vision are unable to access the information because their screen reader doesn't recognize the text.

One solution is to make the flier simple keeping accessibility in mind. Here are some tips:

  • Screen readers do well with Arial or Verdana fonts.
  • Use titles and headers ("styles" feature) in font size 12 point or higher.
  • Ensure that all images, graphs, and figures have alt text tags (click on image, select format picture from the menu, select alt text from the menu and then provide a title and a description of the image).
  • Add hyperlinks using the "insert hyperlink" feature and spell out all hyperlinks in the text.

Another option is to create the eye-catching flier and attach it to the email. In the body of the email, write all the event info, including the accessibility statement (in Word format).

Additional Resources for Faculty

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Guidelines for creating accessible documents

WebAIM Web Accessible In Mind webaim.org

WebAIM Alternate Text Basics webaim.org/techniques/alttext

WebAIM Making Word Documents Accessible webaim.org/techniques/word

WebAim Making Power Point Documents Accessible webaim.org/techniques/powerpoint

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