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Both new and current students can click here to access MyWheelock for important information, forms, and resources.

Here are some helpful resources for new and current students:

Guide to Introductory Math Courses (PDF)
FAQs for First Year Students (PDF)
FAQs for Transfer Students (PDF)

July 2017 WheeMail Newsletter (PDF)

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The Student Advisor Program is a program within the Office of Academic Advising. The Student Advisor Program is an essential component of Academic Advising at Wheelock. Student Advisors are peer mentors who offer one-on-one and group advising to new Wheelock College first year and transfer students. They serve as role models and are available to students for informal guidance and support.

Student Advisors serve as an academic resource, help new students get acquainted with academic programs, opportunities, and expectations they will find at Wheelock, while also serving as an active part of the First Year Seminar for first year students. The Student Advisors offer a unique and dynamic perspective into the Wheelock community for new first year and transfer students.

Student Advisors
2016-2017 Student Advisors at this year's Student Leadership Dinner with President Dr. David Chard (far right), Transfer Advisor Juliet Ramirez (second from right), and Career Counselor Steve Savistky (top left).

Student Advisors 2016-2017

Ashley Fortier ‘18
Bridget Miranda ‘19
Caitlyn Glidden ‘18
Justyn Reed ‘18
Kristen Lumley ‘19
Sammy Alanis ‘18
Shane Davis ‘18
Sheelagh Cook ‘18
Stephanie Enderson ‘19
Tori Dalbec '19

Student Success Interns 2016-2017

Linda Le ‘17
Chelsea Leclerc ‘17
Julia Paolino ‘17
Kellie Neary ‘17

Take a look at what current Wheelock students have to say about their Student Advisor:

"Being a transfer student, I had a lot going on academic-wise, and was incredibly stressed about trying to figure out how to get used to Wheelock's registration system. My Student Advisor definitely helped me in that transition A LOT and I appreciate that entirely." - Transfer Student

"My Student Advisor helped me to keep an open mind and pick classes which I ended up really loving!" - First Year Student

"I appreciate all of my Student Advisor's guidance and advice she gave me to help me have a successful college experience." - First Year Student

"My Student Advisor was one of the first people I met on campus, and I always felt very welcomed by her! She would always say hello to me and help me in any way she could." - First Year Student

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