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What is an Academic Advisor at Wheelock?

Both staff and faculty serve as academic advisors at Wheelock. Typically, first year and sophomore students work with a professional advisor and juniors and seniors work with a faculty advisor. Click here to learn more about our unique 2+2 advising model.

Academic advisors meet with students to discuss their courses and to help students register for classes for the upcoming semester. At Wheelock, your academic advisor will both challenge and support you as you make academic progress, and is someone you can come to with questions about academics, courses, or just simply life at Wheelock. The advisor serves as a facilitator of communication, a coordinator of learning experiences through course and career planning and academic progress review, and an agent of referral to other campus agencies as necessary.

Events and Workshops from Academic Advising

Minute Clinics
The Office hosts monthly Minute Clinics in the Campus Center during lunch to answer quick questions from students. Academic Advising will often partner with other offices at the Minute Clinics as well (i.e. Registrar's Office, Career Services, etc.).

Major Exploration Program
Academic Advising hosts a series of workshops and events for new students to learn about the different majors at Wheelock. The Office partners with faculty, academic departments, and other campus offices to create an informative and collaborative series of programs during the spring semester.

Academic Planning Workshops
Professional advisors and Student Advisors will guide students on creating academic program plans (maps) before transitioning to faculty advisors for junior and senior year.

Transition to Faculty Advisor
As part of Wheelock's unique 2+2 advising model, sophomore and transfer students will transition from their academic advisor to working with a faculty advisor after they declare their major and are ready to work with a faculty member. The student's faculty advisor is someone who teaches in the student's major. Academic Advising recognizes this milestone and looks forward to partnering with academic departments to celebrate this transition.

First Year Finale
This event takes place at the end of a student's first year and is a celebration for students completing their first year at Wheelock. Staff and students recognize first year students' accomplishments and it is a special way to end the year.

Meetings with Academic Advising

Students are required to meet with their academic advisor at various times throughout each semester.  Aside from the required meetings, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor for additional questions or assistance that may be needed throughout the semester.

Scheduling an appointment
Students can schedule an appointment with their advisor through MyWheelock. Log in using your student email username and password and use the Appointments link to search for available appointments for your academic advisor.

Aside from scheduling appointments, the COMPASS (Community Partnership for Student Success) referral system provides an opportunity for instructors to alert students, their advisors, and the Compass Response Team of concerns they have about students enrolled in their course. This referral system is an important tool that creates opportunities for students to discuss their progress and utilize appropriate resources such as faculty, academic advisors, academic support, Student Life, Athletics, and the Counseling Center.

Walk-in advising
Walk-in advising is intended for quick questions and is on a first-come, first-serve basis if a professional advisor is available. Walk-in advising meetings are usually 10-15 minutes and scheduling a follow up meeting may be necessary.

Support Resources

In order for students to feel supported at Wheelock and particularly during their experiences with Academic Advising, we encourage students to continually seek out support.

Campus Offices
We encourage students to seek out additional support and services from all offices on campus. You can learn more about some of these offices below:

Advising Lingo
Here is more information about some common language and acronyms that are used at Wheelock. Check out this helpful resource to know exactly what everyone is talking about on campus: Advising Lingo (PDF)

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