Course Catalog: Music Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2016-2017 academic year.

MUS 115
Rhythm and Resistance
4 credits

Examines the phenomenon of the arts and social protest from a humanistic, interdisciplinary perspective. Provides students with an understanding of historical and contemporary views of social protest, and studies examples of music, and music as it is used in dance, drama and film, within global communities. General Education: Foundations of Critical Thinking. Creativity & the Arts OR Ethics and Social Justice. Introductory.

MUS 126
Introduction to Music
4 credits

Offers opportunities to explore formal elements such as rhythm, melody, and harmony. Major musical styles and lives of great composers in relation to their historical and cultural contexts. Emphasis on western art music, but popular music styles and music of other cultures also considered. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Introductory.

MUS 130
American Popular Music: 1850s-1990s
4 credits

Surveys music in the popular idiom from Stephen Foster to “Tin Pan Alley” to “Big Band” and Broadway, through jazz and on to rock music and rap. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Introductory.

MUS 150
Handbell Performance
4 credits

Integrated ensemble approach combines electronic keyboards, percussion instruments and handbells. Keyboard technique, rhythm, melody, chords and harmony, with goal of group performance. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Introductory.

MUS 155
COF Orchestra
1 credit

Rehearsal and performance of standard symphonic orchestra repertoire. Enrollment is by audition. (One credit optional, may be repeated for a maximum of four credits).

MUS 220/THE 220
Musical Theatre
4 credits

Studies music, lyrics, texts written for European and American stage. Focuses on opera and the mature musical. Includes participation in/observation of Wheelock Family Theatre musical production. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

MUS 230
Music of Black Americans
4 credits

Examines the music of black Americans over 200 years, with emphasis on the impact of African rhythm and instrumentation on African-American music. Genres include jazz, spirituals, ragtime, big bands, bebop and rap music. Places music in context of social, historical, cultural, and political realities of African-American life. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity and Creativity and the Arts or Historical Perspectives. Intermediate.

MUS 232
Vocal Performance
4 credits

Instructs and coaches students to achieve a working knowledge of the techniques of singing and the practical application of these techniques in performance. Students are introduced to a consistent practice of correct vocal productions in a systematic, graded course of student. Students engage as an ensemble and as individuals. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

MUS 235
Jazz Dance
4 Credits

Focuses on developing proper alignment, refining style, enhancing phrasing and developing strength. Studies jazz’s influential people and its history, including African-American influences, Jack Cole, Alvin Ailey, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Hollywood, and Broad-way. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. For the intermediate dancer.

MUS 240
World Music Traditions
4 credits

Examines various world music traditions including Native American, Asian, African, and Eastern European. Considers the function of music in history, society, and culture outside of the traditional western European genres. Introduces ethnomusicology and its conceptual frameworks. Includes lecture, discussion, audio and audio-visual presentations. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity AND Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

MUS 279
Music for Children
4 credits

Explores ways music can be shared with children in various settings. Provides opportunity to learn songs and instrumental music of various styles and cultures suitable for use with children. Uses songs, games, rhymes, chants, clapping, recorders, keyboards, percussion, other instruments, computer music software. Intermediate. Prerequisite: junior or senior status

MUS 355
Music of the Beatles
4 credits

Examines the music of the Beatles and its cultural significance. Topics include musical influences, transition from touring band to studio artists producing more complex works, their significance within their cultural context. Emphasizes critical listening and thinking about music, critical reading of music criticism, and writings of the Beatles. Prerequisite: one music course, or by permission of the instructor. Advanced.

MUS 380
Advanced Handbell Ensemble
4 credits

Offers students the opportunity to study, rehearse and perform English handbell music at an advanced level. Students work on techniques such as strike articulation, acoustic control and ensemble coordination, and research and implement interpretation of repertoire. Students will learn handbell arrangement techniques to support original arrangement and composition projects. Prerequisites: MUS 150, MUS 126 and permission of the instructor. Advanced.

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