Course Catalog: English Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2016-2017 academic year.

ENG 097
English for Academic Purposes
0 credit

Develops English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills necessary for successful participation in college-level courses. The course also prepares students for standardized tests of English language proficiency (e.g. IELTS). The course is intended for ELL students and may be repeated. Introductory.

ENG 105
Topics in Popular Culture
2 Credits

Introduction to college level reading, writing, and thinking through analysis of contemporary high school experience in America. Analyze films and essays that depict the high school experience, and reflect upon time in high school as measured against those depictions in an essay.

ENG 120
Critical Reading and Writing I
4 credits

Develops critical thinking skills through writing. By engaging in argument through analysis, students develop strengths in organization and clarity. Assignments offer opportunities to generate in-sights into a variety of academic, civic and professional issues. Introduces college-level formatting, grammar, and mechanics conventions.

ENG 121
Critical Reading and Writing II
4 credits

Continues development of critical thinking abilities by refining their approaches to complex writing tasks. Focuses on the mechanics of sentences and paragraphs to impart an understanding of the variety of ways that language creates and conveys meaning. In-creases exposure to academic and professional genre conventions. Prerequisite: completion or exemption from ENG 120. General Education: Foundations of Knowledge and Inquiry English Composition.

ENG 130
Introduction to Creative Writing
4 credits

Introduction to the basic genres of creative writing: poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. Highlights the mechanics of creative writing by focusing on formal choices that create moving and meaningful work. Foregrounds models of critical thinking to help analyze and produce creative work. Introductory.

ENG 201
Creative Nonfiction
4 credits

Introduction to the basic literary mechanics of creative nonfiction. Introduces a variety of subgenres including memoir, reportage, lyric essays, cultural criticism, and critical reviews. Combines critical readings of professional writers along with workshops of students’ own creative nonfiction. General Education: Upper Level Writing and Languages and Literatures.

ENG 220
Writing for Social Action
4 credits

Provides experiences and tools necessary to effect change through writing. Exposure to historical and contemporary examples of writing that have contributed to social change. Students will practice writing for different audiences, including peers and policy-makers. Culminates in a community action project designed by the class. General Education: Upper Level Writing and Ethics and Social Justice. Prerequisite: ENG 121. Intermediate.

ENG 225
Personal Voice in Professional Writing
4 credits

Develops the ability to maintain the integrity of a personal voice while meeting the demands of professional and workplace writing. Write reports, proposals, memos, cover letters, and resumes for audiences within and outside the college. Prerequisites ENG 121 and completion of the WLCE.

ENG 230
Poetry in Practice
4 credits

Develops and understanding of poetry and poetic practice by reading, analyzing and discussing critical essays, poetic theory, and poetic works. Introduces students to the evolving poetic tradition by examining classic, contemporary and experimental poetic forms. Allows students to use what they have learned to produce their own poetry. Prerequisite: ENG 121

ENG 401
Writing Minor Capstone
4 credits

Builds upon foundational understanding of the conventions of creative writing. Focuses on developing authorial voice and artistic sensibility, but it will also depend on critical readings of established authors. Prerequisite: Completion of the WLCE, ENG 121and at least two other Writing Minor courses. Advanced.

RWS 099
Reading and Writing Seminar
0 credit

Reviews rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling as they apply to effective copyediting. Provides students with practice writing essays that are persuasive, well-organized, and logically sound. Provides students with practice writing summaries that are concise, clear, and accurate.

RWS 100
Reading and Writing Tutorial
0 credit

Provides individualized instruction in college-level reading and writing skills, with special attention to essay writing, summary writing, reading comprehension, copyediting skills, and spelling skills. Administers sections of the Wheelock Literacy and Communications Exam (WLCE) to students after adequate preparation. Students must arrange tutorial time at Registration. $35 Materials Fee. Prerequisite: RWS 099 or strong performance on the WLCE.

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