Student Scholarship in Action Program

The Scholarship in Action Program, launched in 2016, supports faculty-and-student collaborations on discipline-specific research and scholarship through funding student apprenticeships during the academic year.

Program Overview

A maximum of five Scholar Apprentices (SA) will be paired with Faculty Mentors each year through this program.

Apprenticeship activities may include literature searches and discussions, summaries of research, assisting in data collection, transcribing interviews, data analysis, fieldwork, adapting or devising new performances, composing music, building art installations, curating an exhibit, or other meaningful assistance in scholarship and practice. Faculty must commit to regular meetings in order to ensure that students have a cohesive and rich learning experience as will be demonstrated by a presentation or performance at the end of the assistantship.

Scholar Apprentices and Faculty mentors are required to document their progress and are encouraged to present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Methods to document learning and scholarship could include, but are not limited to, reflections, papers, posters, spoken word performances, written or video blogs, live performances, and art exhibits.

Student experiences must be meaningful to both Student Apprentices and Faculty Mentors. The apprenticeship program will not support clerical work, assistance with the faculty members' teaching responsibilities (such as grading, copying of assignments, etc.), or any other activity not directly related to the scholarship project. Given the substantive nature of students' work, faculty members are encouraged to include their apprentices as co-authors/collaborators on conference presentations, publications, and performances if applicable.

Interested students are encouraged to approach a faculty member, with whom they are interested in collaborating so that student and mentor can submit application materials together. However, this is not a requirement and interested students can still submit applications without identifying a specific mentor.

Proposal Review and Evaluation

Proposals will be reviewed by the Scholarship in Action Committee. Participating faculty and students will be asked to evaluate the program, reflect on their experiences, and provide suggestions for the future structure of this program.

2016-2017 Funded Projects

In its inaugural year, the Scholarship in Action program awarded funding to three student-faculty research teams:

Team Members: Assistant Professor of American Studies Akeia Benard and Taylor Goyette-Frechette
Project: Research the complexities of early African American life in New England through a comparative ethnohistoric study of Newport, RI and one or more African American communities in Maine.

Team Members: Assistant Professor of Humanities Jenne Powers and Carly Johnson
Project: Explore the relationship between campus activism and friendship.

Team Members: Instructor in Mathematics Christine Redford and Yingying Zhou
Project: Document accommodations in math classes for blind students studying problem solving, number systems, and geometry.

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