Recycling Bin Locations At Wheelock

Wheelock will soon provide large, centrally located recycling bins on every floor of every building on campus. Wheelock offers single stream recycling, which means you can combine your emptied cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard in the same container.

To see a map showing where to recycle in your building, click on the building name.

Activities Building, 180-200 The Riverway
Campus Center, Floor One
Campus Center, Floor 3
Campus Center, Floors 4-6
Classroom Building, 25 Pilgrim Road
Hawes Ground Floor, 43 Hawes Street
Hawes 1, 43 Hawes Street
Hawes 2, 43 Hawes Street
Library First Floor, 132 The Riverway
Library Mezzanine, 132 The Riverway
Longwood House, 154 The Riverway
Peabody Ground Floor, 210 The Riverway
Peabody First Floor, 210 The Riverway
Pilgrim Student Center, 41 Pilgrim Road

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