Mattahunt Leadership Team

The Mattahunt Community Planning Committee
The Mattahunt Community Planning Committee includes parents, educators, and other members of the Mattapan community, along with city officials and representatives from Wheelock.

See photos of the Community Planning Committee in action

Gareth Kinkead, Co-Chair
Colorado St. Citizens Group

Marta T. Rosa, Co-Chair
Wheelock College

Ruby Ababio-Fernandez
Principal, Mattahunt School

Stephen Alexandre
Mattapan Resident

Corey J. Allen
Mattapan Patriots

Lorna Bognanno
Boston Center for Youth and Families

Officer Cynthia Brewington
Mattapan Resident

Chanese Brown
Mattahunt Parent

Ralph F. Browne, Jr.

Donald Caisey
Mattapan Patriots

Jim Clark
Mattapan St. Association

Barbara Crichlow
Mattapan Resident

Diana Cutaia
Wheelock College

Dorris Dean
Mattahunt School

Spencer DeShields
Mattapan Community Development Corporation

Nancy Dickerson
Bethel AME Church

Donalee A. Dixon
Mattahunt School

Wendy Foster
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay

Tammy Hemingway
Mattahunt Parent

Maggie Hill
Mattapan Resident

Robert Jenkins
Mattapan Resident

Diane Joyce
Boston Center for Youth and Families

Roy McField
Mattahunt Parent

Irwin Nesoff
Wheelock College

Yvette Philip
Mattapan Resident

Willie Rodriguez
Wheelock College

Officer Jose Ruiz
Area B-3 Community Service officer

Roy Schifilliti
Wheelock College

Deborah Smith-Pressley
Mattapan Resident

Gayle Sutton
The Garrett Pressley Autism Resource Center

Collette Tallow-Williams
BELL After School Program

Julia Tiexeira
Mattahunt Boys & Girls Club

Marie Jo Wade
Mattahunt School

Karla Walker
Mattapan Community Health Center

Donna Young
Mattahunt Boys & Girls Club

Organizational Leadership Capstone Students
Led by Professor Irwin Nesoff, a group of Wheelock's Organizational Leadership capstone students are working on the Mattahunt Project to support the Community Engagement Process.

Internal Relations group:
Kristin Read
Fuzieh Jallow
Andie Vigneaux

External Relations group:
Lauren Marquis
Christine Wright
Jeff Joseph

Mattahunt Coordinating Committee
The Mattahunt Coordinating Committee is a cross-campus team of Wheelock faculty and administrators who have worked on framing the guiding principles for the foundation of this partnership.

Roy Schifilliti, Chair
Vice President for Campus Life and Information Services

Detris Adelabu
Chair of Human Development, Associate Professor

Diana Cutaia
Director of Athletics and Sport-based Initiatives

Adrian K. Haugabrook
Vice President for Enrollment Mgmt. and Student Success, Chief Diversity Officer

Irwin Nesoff
Associate Professor, Social Work

Marta Rosa
Special Assistant to the President for Government and External Affairs

William Rodriguez
Instructor, Juvenile Justice & Youth Advocacy

Kenneth P. Spritz
Director of Campaign Planning and Corporate/Foundation Relations

Chris Sumner
Director of Upward Bound

Julie Wollman
Vice President Academic Affairs

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