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Mattapan's Mattahunt Community Center (MCC), a longtime fixture of the community highly valued by residents, was consolidated in 2010 because of severe city budget constraints. Wheelock College answered Former Mayor Menino's call for assistance in sustaining programs and services in the neighborhood by forging a five year public-private partnership with the City of Boston, (BPS), and Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF) to revive the MCC.

In the last five years, the Center has become the physical presence for the College's community-wide engagement in Mattapan. The Center is now a community hub serving over 60 Boston-based families a day with a range of recreational, inter-generational and academically focused programs driven by community priorities.

Collaborations with the Mattahunt Elementary School and Mattapan Community Health Center highlight the MCC's value and potential within the community. Wheelock uses its expertise in early and elementary education to provide ongoing support to the Mattahunt Elementary School such as mentoring new teachers, placing social work interns, and addressing technology needs.

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The Mattapan Integrative Health Partnership

In 2013, Wheelock College's Social Work Department, the Mattahunt Community Center, Mattahunt Elementary School, and the Mattapan Community Health Center formed the Mattapan Integrative Care Partnership (MICP) to meet the comprehensive health care needs of the residents of Mattapan, specifically around behavioral health, through an integrative and community care focused model.

In less than a year since receiving its first funding, provided through an initial award of $20,000 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the MICP has focused on establishing service sites, building partnership capacity and attracting public and private sources of funding.

•Opened the Behavioral Health Unit at the Mattapan Community Health Center (MCHC) in December 2014
•Established trauma recovery program focus and capacity within the Partnership
•Community outreach and education began at Young Achievers Academy and the Mattahunt Elementary
•Established substance abuse treatment services

Integrated Care Team:
•Organized an advisory committee that includes major stakeholders of each site as well as our partners at Boston Medical Center, the MA Department of Public Health and the MA Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment

•Expanded the Integrated Care team to include an LICSW, Case Manager, Psychiatry, Psychology, Substance Abuse treatment, Trauma Response Clinician, Therapeutic Mentor, MASBIRT Staff Training, Wheelock College Behavioral Health Coordinator and Wheelock College Social Work interns.

Looking Forward

The Mattahunt Wheelock College Partnership marked an incredible milestone as the original 5 year agreement to manage the Mattahunt Community Center concluded as of June 2015 - the amazing work of the partnership has led to a one year extension - where Wheelock College intentionally will work closely with the City of Boston and Boston Public Schools to implement a respectable and seamless transition of the managing role of the Mattahunt Community Center. In addition to providing ongoing program management, Wheelock will continue supporting the critical partnerships between the Mattahunt Elementary School and the surrounding community residents and agencies.

As a result of the work in Mattapan the Mattahunt Wheelock College Partnership | Mattahunt Community Center was recognized and has been selected as a recipient of the 2015 Mattapan Community Health Center | Community Service Award at the 2015 Health Care Revival.

"The Wheelock Community has been honored to work with the residents of Mattapan on programming driven by community priorities for the last six years" said Wheelock President Jackie Jenkins-Scott. "Together, we have transformed an underappreciated asset into a vibrant community resource with the Mattapan community's voice always remaining at the forefront. We are looking forward to working with a long-term management partner for the Center and the City of Boston to continue to impact the lives of children and families."

Location: 100 Hebron Street, Mattapan, MA

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Available Programs and Hours of Operation

Programming at the Center—provided by Wheelock staff as well as several partner organizations—now includes swimming lessons, an outdoors program, an ongoing youth advocacy seminar, yoga classes, nutrition education, free reading and math tutoring, youth sports, English classes for non-native speakers, and young professional seminars and workshops.

The Mattahunt Center is open to the public Monday - Friday and offers several annual membership levels, including a family rate for $25 and a $5 youth aquatics card.

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Partner Spotlight

SantanderThrough funding support from Santander Universities, the Mattahunt Community Center has been able to provide on-site programs and opportunities to increase the financial literacy, college and career awareness understanding of over 300 youth and participating families.


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