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Wheelock Service Day

Wheelock Service Day is part of the annual World Service Week and aims to unite students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the College in a day of service to our communities. By coming together to perform volunteer activities on one day, Wheelock community members make a powerful collective statement about the College's commitment to service and civic engagement. Wheelock Service Day strengthens our ties to each other while contributing to our mission to improve the lives of children and families. The college allows this community service day to be performed during regular hours of operation as it is an institutional service day.

Through this institutional commitment we continue to live our mission and inspire a world of good!

History of Service and Civic Engagement

For more than a century, Wheelock College has educated and empowered people who enhance the lives of children and families around the globe. From Boston to far beyond, we have devoted the talents of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni to bring to life the College's mission to improve the lives of children and families.

Service is woven into Wheelock's institutional and educational fabric and is strongly supported by faculty, administration, trustees, and students. Historic contributions have included foundational work for Head Start in the 1960s and 35 years of leadership through the Wheelock Family Theatre to make theater accessible to underserved populations.

Institutional Definition of Service and Civic Engagement at Wheelock College

Inspired by its mission, Wheelock College engages in scholarship and service that enhances the vitality of families, communities and societies. Through active engagement and collaboration, Wheelock discovers capacity building techniques for achieving the collective objectives of communities and stakeholders.

In recognizing this commitment to service, Wheelock is guided by three principles:

  1. The institutional mission - "to improve the lives of children and families."
  2. The application of scholarship towards identifying areas of opportunity and collaboratively designing capacity building efforts.
  3. The integration of hands-on experience into academic programs with measurable benefits to student and communities.

Guided by these principles, Wheelock College's definition of Service and Civic Engagement demonstrates its dedication to realizing transformative change and rousing dynamic leadership in all members of local, national and international communities.

Wheelock College Definition of Service and Civic Engagement

  • Service and academic learning that are inspired through a committed relationship and collaborative dialogue between communities and the college.
  • A belief in sharing goals and joint problem-solving in order to arrive at mutually beneficial outcomes for the enhancement of learning experiences.
  • All efforts are focused on improving the lives of children and families in local, national and international communities.

Wheelock Lives Its Mission

Many students choose Wheelock College because of its mission. One hundred percent of social work graduate students complete at least 1,200 hours in community settings during their academic programs. Similarly high percentages occur among students in our education degree programs. Wheelock has 280 partnerships with Boston-area schools, social service agencies and hospitals through course work, co-curricular clubs and residence activities, practica, and fieldwork; more than 85 percent of our undergraduates annually engage in one or more of these partnerships.

Additionally, many students choose to travel nationally or abroad to serve. Students are provided with opportunities to participate in service learning programs from the first semester at Wheelock, and 100 percent of the 26 clubs on campus participate in or initiate community service programs. For alumni, service and civic engagement remain a priority throughout their lives.

Wheelock's service and civic engagement also extends to faculty, staff, and alumni. Symposia have brought hundreds of area youth to campus to support their leadership in curbing violence.

Wheelock is regularly invited by local, national, and foreign governments to help shape and anticipate the impact of policy on the lives of children and families. And our alumni volunteer as mentors for new teachers in the Educator Mentor Corps.

Our partnerships with leaders and organizations in Greater Boston allow us to create change—on the individual, local, and systemic levels.

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 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Community Service Honor Roll

Wheelock College is the recipient of the Presidential Award in Education on the 2014 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, the highest federal recognition a college or university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning and civic engagement. Additionally, Wheelock has been selected as one of only five finalists in the general community service category. To learn more about this award, please visit the Presidential Honor Roll page

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