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The IRS 1098-T form reports the amount you were billed for qualified tuition and related expenses and is meant to assist in filing for education tax benefits/deductions. Please visit the IRS website or review their Tax Benefits for Education publication for more information on the purposes and how to utilize of this form. 

Wheelock College mails the 1098-T form the last week of January each year to your legal/permanent address on file with the Registrar. We recommend you update the Office of Academic of Records and Registration with any changes in address in order to prevent any delays in receiving this form. The 1098-T form will not be generated unless we have your Social Security Number on file. If you believe we do not have your Social Security Number on file, please contact Student Accounts. You may also access the 1098-T form online through the Finances section of the MyWheelock portal.

NOTICE: Wheelock College cannot provide you with tax advice under any circumstances, but will provide as much information as possible and will answer any question we are able to. We will not provide the figures listed on your 1098-T over the phone. 

We encourage you to seek formal advice from the IRS website or a qualified accountant or tax professional/preparer if you have questions regarding your specific reporting/filing.

1098-T Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualified charges that appear on the 1098-T?
The IRS defines qualified charges as "tuition and fees required for enrollment and attendance at an eligible educational institution". Student health insurance charges, transportation, insurance, general fees/charges, and room & board are not considered as qualified tuition and are not included on the 1098-T form. Additional information can be found in the IRS's Tax Benefits for Education publication.

What if I have not gotten my 1098-T in the mail or it isn't available online?
If you have not received your 1098-T form, it could have been mailed to a previous address or it was not generated due to Wheelock College not having your Social Security Number on file. Please contact the Office of Academic Records and Registration to update your address and the Office of Student Accounts to update your Social Security Number.

What if my address on the 1098-T form is incorrect?
The address listed on the 1098-T is the legal/permanent address on file with the Registrar. If you would like to update your address, please contact the Office of Academic Records and Registration.

  • Please Note: As long as your Social Security Number and financial information on the form are correct, you are still able to use the form and Wheelock College is not required to submit a change of address with the IRS.

How can I get a replacement 1098-T form if I lost or misplaced the one that I received in the mail?
You can print a new copy of your 1098-T form through the Finances section of the MyWheelock portal.

How can I get a copy a prior year's 1098-T form?
Please contact Student Accounts to inquire about a previous year's 1098-T form.

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