Family Engagement Summit 2017

Family Engagement Summit at WheelockOn May 25, 2017, Wheelock College Aspire Institute hosted the Family Engagement Summit on the topic of effective school practices for improved family engagement.

The Family Engagement Summit included a dynamic mix of perspectives, activities, and panel discussions focused on illuminating both the challenges and the strategies in successful family outreach and involvement. Schools and programs were encouraged to attend in teams in order to reflect on prior efforts and work through fresh ideas for improvement.

Participants were asked to consider not only what they would like to change, but how they will measure change, and what steps would be necessary to get that effort off the ground. 

Family Engagement Summit Agenda

(click on the links to download the various resources from the summit)

9:00: Welcome - Dr. David Chard, President, Wheelock College

9:15: Tales from the Family Engagement Front - Mary Watson Avery

9:30: Parent Panel - Brenda Bee, Roxanne Hoke-Chandler, Ronette Lyle

Practitioner Panel - Meg Campbell, Liza Talusan, Andrea Urbano

10:45: Break

11:00: Data Panel - Matt Hausmann, Kara Watson Wanzer

11:45: Introduction to the Afternoon Activity

12:00: Lunch

12:45: Afternoon Activity: Understanding Current Efforts and Moving Forward

Handouts for Afternoon Activities:

2:40: Towards Building Bridges: Final Thoughts - Tina Durand

3:00: Closing

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