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Bridges and Barriers: A Survey of Massachusetts College Access & Success Programs

Bridges and Barriers Report CoverCommissioned by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (DHE), Bridges and Barriers: A Survey of Massachusetts College Access & Success Programs has two objectives: to identify the current landscape of access and success programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and to explore the views that local stakeholders of access and success programs hold regarding the challenges facing underrepresented groups, especially Black and Latino male students.

By developing a taxonomy of hundreds of access and success programs and initiatives in Massachusetts and interviewing stakeholders across the state, this report lays a foundation for increasing the possibility of  collaborative initiatives aimed at enhancing opportunities for underrepresented groups in public higher education.

Teacher Preparation in Preventing Challenging Behavior

Through support from The United Way Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, Mary Watson Avery and Emily Potts Callejas were able to devote time and energy to create a position paper advocating for teacher preparation in preventing challenging behavior. We are proud to share the final product, Learning Classroom Management: Moving teachers from theory to practice in order to promote student success. 

Learning Classroom Management (pdf)

Learning Classroom Management report

Improving Family-School Engagement: The Experiences of 10 Diverse Schools in Boston  

Evaluation Report of the Wheelock College, Aspire Institute Boston Family Engagement Partnership

Often overlooked or undervalued in national and local school reform efforts is the role families can play in boosting student achievement and turning around struggling schools. To gain insight into how to elevate the importance of family engagement, with a focus on including low-income and linguistic minority families, the Wheelock College Aspire Institute partnered with 13 Boston area schools over two years to implement the Boston Family Engagement Partnership (BFEP). 

This report documents the work of the BFEP over the past two years to build capacity within schools to understand who their families are, what supports from and relationships with schools they need, and, as a result, what actions steps they can take to foster greater engagement.

Improving Family-School Engagement (pdf)
Executive Summary only (pdf)

Family Engagement report

Other Reports

Adult Education and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Providers Survey

In collaboration with the Mayor's Office on New Bostonians, the Aspire Institute conducted a survey of ESOL and Adult Education providers in the Greater Boston area. This presentation provides an overview of key findings from this survey. A key overall finding was a clear need for more transition ('bridge') programs for ESOL and adult learners that prepare them for success in college settings and career training programs.

Adult/ESOL Providers Survey [pdf]

ESOL report

BPS Health and Wellness Plan

In 2010, Aspire collaborated with the Boston Public Schools to develop a strategic plan, Healthy Connections, which outlines key steps for improving the district's organizational capacity to address student health and wellness outcome areas. Aspire consulted with district and community health and wellness leaders to develop this report.

BPS Healthy Connections Strategic Plan [pdf]

Healthy Connections

Branching Out: Expanding STEM Learning in Massachusetts Early Childhood and Out of School Time Settings

Sponsored by the Department of Early Care and Education, this report highlights information and activities from the 2012 statewide ECE-OST  STEM conference, and outlines strategies for expanding STEM learning in early childhood and out of school time settings. 

Branching Out [pdf]

Branching Out

 Foundations for the Future Report

This report explores the need to strengthen science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in schools. This report provides a concise plan for increasing the number of skilled PreK-6 STEM educators in the Greater Boston Area. This report was first released in May 2010.

Foundations for the Future Report [pdf]

Foundation for the Future

Reinventing Higher Education in the Field of Early Care and Education

With seven other signatory partners, Aspire convened a national work group to explore the role of higher education in the field of early care and education. A year of stimulating discussion culminated in the release of the report: Role, Relevance & Reinvention: Higher Education in the Field of Early Care and Education. Links to download the report or view related papers are below.

Related Papers

Full Report [pdf]
Press Release [doc]
Brochure [pdf]

Role Relevance Reinvention report

Shared Youth, Shared Strategies: A Plan for Cambridge Middle School Youth

Developed by Aspire and approved by the Cambridge City Council and Cambridge School Committee, this plan outlines key findings and recommendations for improving the participation in and the quality of out-of-school time programs for Cambridge middle school youth.

Shared Youth, Shared Strategies Full Report [pdf]
Strategies to Support Our Middle School Youth (two-page summary) [pdf]

Shared Youth Shared Strategies report

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