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Equity and Access in Education Programs

A student's zip code should never determine his or her chances for educational success. Equity and Access programs work to ensure that equal opportunity is found in every community. To pursue this vision, we partner with PreK-12 schools to build the human, social, and cultural capital that will create community-led change. Over time, this will increase children's access to high-quality education and, in turn, their likelihood of overall well-being.

Driving Perspectives

The Aspire Institute values of Connection, Innovation, and Optimism guide our work:

  • Connection. We believe community-led initiatives create lasting change. Every Equity and Access program is designed in collaboration with partners. Participant input drives our projects at each stage of the process.
  • Innovation. Equity and Access projects begin with listening. Our programs follow a collaborative, non-prescriptive approach, and we create new projects based on the stated needs of our partners.  
  • Optimism. We take an assets-based approach to our work, acknowledging the skills, resources, and passion already present in under-resourced communities.

Scope of Work

The Aspire Institute's Equity and Access in Education Programs aim to create:

  • Educational Equity Programs that promote the equality of educational results for each student by enriching teaching and learning experiences within under-resourced schools to meet the needs of all students. 
  • Educational Access Programs that ensure students, families and communities have equal opportunities to play key roles as school partners in all aspects of the educational advancement of students. 

Our programs partner with schools as they work towards educational equity and access by:

  • Providing all students with learning environments and curricula to support their diverse backgrounds, strengths, and needs;
  • Preparing teachers through high-quality professional development, mentoring, and access to leadership positions.
  • Connecting families, communities, and students to meaningful school roles. 

Images courtesy of US Department of Education Flickr feed and used under Creative Commons license.

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