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Developing Instructional Delivery Models Programs

Developing Instructional Delivery Models programs create customized, student-centered opportunities. Our programs are as unique as the students we serve.

Current Learning Solutions Programs Include:

What Makes Us Unique?

Barrett Discovery Elementary School

We Believe in Craftsmanship, Not Cookie-Cutters. Each Learning Solutions project matches content and delivery mechanisms to the diverse needs of our learners. Our STEM Activity App delivers bite-sized content to busy families, and the Teacher Support Project Professional Development Program provides competency-based hybrid professional development to Boston Public School teachers in their 2nd and 3rd year of teaching. Our program designs incorporate a blend of online, in-class, peer inquiry, coaching & mentoring, and mobile technology into their learning models. 

Our Partnerships Bridge Theory and Practice. Our projects are research-based and collaborative. We work closely with partners throughout the design, pilot, and launch of each program, incorporating frequent feedback at each stage of the work. 

Our Design Process Generates Customized Programs. Each Learning Solutions project follows proven design steps: 

  • Partner Research - Collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative information to determine the unique needs of the program group.
  • Prototyping - Brainstorming and reviewing program models to test design and functionality.
  • Piloting and Refinement - Selecting, testing, and refining a prototype.Girls doing science project
  • Program Launch - Offering new program to a small group of users.
  • Program Review - Analyzing program results to further improve program model.


 Images courtesy of Barrett Discovery Elementary School and Argonne National Laboratory and used under Creative Commons license.

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