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Aspire Institute Mentors are exceptional retired educators who provide personalized support to PreK-8th grade teachers in the Aspire Teacher Support Program.

We are seeking applicants who:

  • Have 10 or more years of classroom experience with deep understanding of best practice.
  • Are flexible and collaborative in their pedagogical approach.
  • Are able to model or co-teach lessons, assist with lesson plans and design, and offer additional resource ideas to enrich curriculum.
  • Can travel to the Boston area for classroom observations and team meetings at Aspire Institute.

What are the responsibilities of an Aspire Institute Mentor?

1. Mentoring activities
Aspire Institute Mentors are change agents who establish trusting, non-evaluative partnerships with teachers in the Teacher Support Program. Mentors support the teacher-mentees in analyzing and improving their teaching practices and effectiveness by identifying one or two areas to focus their year-long work together. These goals align with feedback from the school principal, BPS instructional goals, and/or the schools Quality School Plan (QSP).

Mentors provide a critical support system to their mentees by helping teachers:

  • Better understand the content they teach
  • Create lessons that reach all learners
  • Reflect on their practice
  • Identify resources within their school and district
  • Avoid teacher isolation and establish a network for future sustainability

Mentors conduct a minimum of two classroom observations (4 hours) per month for their teacher. Each observation includes a pre-conference and a de-brief, both of which may be done in person, by phone, or through email.

Aspire Teacher Mentors2. Attend mentor meetings
Four meetings are scheduled throughout the school year to allow participants to share best practices, strategize, and engage in seminars provided by Wheelock or Aspire staff.

How are Mentors supported? How are Mentors supported?
Aspire Institute Mentors are a strong community of peers dedicated to supporting classroom teachers.

Mentors receive:

  • Access to Wheelock College events
  • Membership in a community of service oriented, professional, lifelong learners
  • The opportunity to support the next generation of educators

Step 1. Fill out online application.
Step 2. Aspire Institute staff will conduct phone interviews for applicants.

Accepted applicants will be matched with a mentee during the summer and early Fall.

The program will run for the 2017 - 2018 school year (September- Orientation; October -May classroom visits). Please note that upon approval from Wheelock College's Institutional Review Board, Aspire will seek to evaluate the impact of the TSP. In support of this evaluation, Aspire will ask participants to complete related data collection activities. Participation in any evaluation activities, however, is strictly voluntary and in no way will determine program eligibility or access to services and benefits. Have more questions? Contact Amy Q. McClennen at

For more information about the Aspire Teacher Support Project in general, visit

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