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Reporting Emergencies or Crimes on Campus

Early reporting of an actual crime or emergency or even a suspected crime or emergency is essential on our campus. We highly encourage our students, faculty and staff to program their cell phones with the Wheelock Public Safety phone number 617-879-2151 so that is readily available in case of emergency.

Below are all the ways that you can report crimes or emergencies to the Public Safety Department.

1) Dial directly to the Public Safety Department 617-879-2151 from any campus phone.
2) Utilize and campus emergency phone by pressing the RED button which will direct dial the on-duty dispatcher
3) Report directly to the Emergency Response Center at 210 The Riverway (Peabody Hall)
4) Contact your Residence Director or Resident Assistant
5) Dial 911. NOTE: Anytime that 911 is dialed from a WHEELOCK phone, public safety is automatically notified through the phone system. This is ONLY if dialed through the Wheelock phone system and not a cell phone.

Public Safety will respond to calls for service in the order and according to the priority in which they were received. Public Safety's responsibilities are to take action on any/all matters that: violate federal, state, or local laws and/or College policies and procedures; require investigation or necessitate mutual cooperation with any federal, state, or local police action; or require activation of medical response, fire response, or any other emergency response.

Missing Student Policy

This Wheelock College Policy and Procedure is established as a guideline for the campus Emergency Management Plan in the event that a student is reported as a "missing student" and/or shall be determined as "missing" when he or she is A) absent from the campus for 24 hours with or without reason or B) confirmed to be missing with reason for or less than 24 hours.

All students shall have their right and opportunity within the scope of this policy to identify an individual to be contacted by the College in the event that the student is determined to be missing by filling out the Wheelock College Missing Student Emergency Contact form. If a student is under the age of 18, then the College is bound by law to notify the parent or legal guardian of the missing student no later than 24 hours after the College Public Safety Department was notified.

Wheelock College Public Safety will notify the Boston Police as soon as they believe necessary, but no later than 24 hours after a student is determined missing.

The Vice President of Campus Life shall preside over the administration of the policy and future provisions for the procedures set forth below.

►Notification- Any notification and report of a missing student from any source shall be immediately directed to the Public Safety Department 617-879-2151.

The Public Safety Dispatcher shall immediately notify the following (During Business Hours)
● Public Safety Operations Manager
● Public Safety Director
● Facilities Director
● Dean of Students/Assistant Dean of Students
● Director of Residence Life

The Public Safety dispatcher shall immediately notify the following (After Hours)
● Director of Public Safety
● Director of Facilities (* Shall notify VP immediately)
● Director of Residence Life (* Shall notify dean of students immediately)

The Public Safety director shall immediately respond to the Wheelock College campus and lead the investigation from the College side and work with/for any and all agencies in support of their efforts making college resources available.

The vice president of Campus Life and the dean of students shall make the determination after being briefed by the director of Public Safety as to where the investigation is progressing and the status of the missing student. The vice president of Campus Life (or official designee) is ultimately in charge of the overall management of a missing student incident.

The dean of students shall notify the individual identified by the missing student's emergency contact card within 24 hours of making determination that the student is missing. The dean of students shall notify the parent(s) of legal guardian of the missing student if the student is less than 18 years of age, as contained in the custodial records of the College within 24 hours of determining the student is missing.

The vice president of Campus Life and Information Technology (IT) shall make any/all resources of the College available to the Public Safety Department and supporting agencies as deemed necessary in support of the investigation such as, additional Public Safety staff, the IT Department, Residence Life staff, Facilities staff, and administrators to aid in the support of summoning faculty and other staff members as needed to aid in the investigation.

The vice president of Campus Life and IT shall enlist resources to aid in distributing timely and accurate information to the entire campus in regards to the status of the incident. All information shall be checked by the Director of Public Safety and/or the lead investigator of the outside agency supporting the investigation prior to disbursement so as not to hinder an ongoing investigation.

Public Safety will have the right to obtain the following to aid in the investigation of a missing student from any/all campus resources.
► Access to card access information from Wheelock system(s), access to Wheelock College email system, and access to Wheelock phone system.
► Direct contact with faculty, staff, family, and friends for investigative information.
► Public Safety with the authorization of Wheelock administration shall contact local, state, or federal authorities to aid in the investigation and provide them information they have gathered to date if foul play is suspected and/or the Investigation taxes their local limits.
► Public Safety, in consultation with appropriate college administration, reserves the right to share the gathered information with outside law enforcement agencies aiding in the investigation as well as school administrators for the purpose of aiding in the investigation and for sharing information for the common good of the College community.

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